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Announcing the Imagine Northeast Iowa Summer Trail Series-- By YOU!
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Announcing the Imagine Northeast Iowa Summer Trail Series-- By YOU!

Summer is heating up in Northeast Iowa and folks are hitting the trails. (Even RAGBRAI has caught wind of the awesomness of NEIA trails and bikers will be cruising through our neck of the woods in big numbers this July.)

Yes, Northeast Iowa trails accommodate so much recreation. But there's more. Our trails connect us. Ask any community throughout the region and folks will agree on one thing-- our trails are amazing and should continue to grow and link us all.

Now through September on Imagine Northeast Iowa, we want to read about the trails in your community. Tell us your stories. This can be anything that means something to you. Perhaps your post will be musings on memories you've made with people you care about on long walks or rides through the Driftless. Maybe you want to shine a spotlight on your particular area trail comings and goings (pun!).

Whatever it is, we want to hear it! We'll be excepting posts about these 7 counties in the region:








Here's how it works:

1.) Sign up!: If you don't currently have an account on, sign up in seconds in the upper right-hand corner of your screen.

2.) Submit: Use the "Submit" button to create your first post.

3.) Select Summer Series: Select "Summer Trail Series" for your post category.

4.) Go!: Write away!

5.) Spread the word!: Once your post is moderated and published, tell your friends, family, & fans to vote for you! Share it on social media and help your post set sail.

6.) Keep it local: If your post gets "voted up" to the top of our homepage, we zip you a quick, cool $15. You take your cash and spend it locally and we support Northeast Iowa, even more, that way.

Ready? Let's go, Driftless adventurers! Enjoy the sunshine!

Click here to learn more about great trails in Decorah!

-The Imagine Northeast Iowa Crew



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