5 European Places For Vacation in Iowa

Iowa is known for its many natural and cultural attractions. There are many cultural tours from Asia, Europe, Australia and many other regions. If you want to experience the countryside atmosphere and live in Europe, Iowa is the perfect place for you. There are many places in Iowa with a European background. Although Iowa itself is not a big and gorgeous state, Iowa has a variety of recreational and vacation destinations that will impress you. Let’s take a look at some of Iowa’s European tourist destinations.

Orange City


Orange City was founded in 1870, the Dutch town is the place you need to visit in northwestern Iowa. The very charming European village look alike serves as a vivid backdrop for the tulip festival, which is visited by thousands of visitors each June. Is it possible to have a festival? please do not worry. Orange City offers all travelers a variety of activity, dining experiences and entertainment options.

  • Place To Stay : Hampton Inn
  • Place To Eat : Brad’s Bakery
  • What To Do : Orang City Century Home, Visit County Museum

Czech Village


The Czech Village of Cedar Rapids has been immersed in European history since 1852, thanks to the hometown of thousands of descendants of the Czech Republic, Moravia and Slovakia. The bohemian spirit fills this district, offering a variety of shops, authentic Czech restaurants and museums.

  • Place To Stay : Tru By Hilton
  • Place To Eat : Sykora Bakery, Brewing Company
  • What To Do : Houby Days, Czech Fall Festival



Pella is located in southeast of Des Moines and near Lake Red Rock, this community was settled by the Dutch settlers in the 19th century. Today, Pella proudly preserves European heritage with the characteristic of Dutch bakeries, markets and historic buildings. Not to mention the annual Tulip Time Festival in May.

  • Place To Stay : Royal Amsterdam Hotel, The Cheesemaker’s Inn
  • Place To Eat : Jaarsma Bakery, Monarch’s Retaurant
  • What To Do : Scholte House, Downtown Shopping, Historical Village

Elk Horn & Kimballton


Equipped with a full-fledged Danish windmill, Elkhorn and Kimballton are Danish destinations within the Iowa border. These two cities can boast of being the largest rural settlements in Denmark in the United States. Visit the Tivoli Fest in June or November on the Julefest to know the true meaning of Danish hospitality.

  • Place To Stay : –
  • Place To Eat : Coffee Girl Specialty Drinks and More, Laren’s Pub
  • What To Do : Bedstemor’s House, Danish Countryside Vines & Wines, Museum of Danish America.

Amana Colonies


The powerful German heritage of these seven villages, National Historic Landmarks, makes you feel away from the sea. Founded by German immigrants in 1855, the Amana colony has provided tourists with education, entertainment and gastronomy for decades. Stop by to taste freshly made German ingredients and eat Wiener Schnitzel at one of the local restaurants.

  • Place To Stay : –
  • Place To Eat : Ronneburg Restaurant, The Ox Yoke Inn
  • What To Do : Amana General Store, The Village Voyage, Millstream Brewing Company

Here are 5 vacation spots recommended for those heading to Iowa. Actually, there are still many tourist destinations in Iowa, but it is not enough to discuss them one by one.

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