7 Famous Gambling Cities in America

America is a land of diverse cultures, traditions, and entertainment pursuits. Gambling is one such tradition that has carved a niche for itself in American culture. When we think of gambling in America, the first city that comes to mind is Las Vegas. However, the US has a plethora of gambling cities that offer a variety of experiences for every […]

8 Best Sports Bar in The US

In the coming weeks, the Sports Bar will be packed with people to watch the Super Bowl and the Winter Olympics.

For some fans, the experience rivals attending a match in person. “This is the golden age of the Sports Bar. The TV viewing experience has become very good,” said Darren Rovell, ESPN sports business reporter. He shared some of his favorite places to cheer up your team with Larry Bleiberg for USA TODAY. Here is the 8 Best Sports Bar while you playing judi mix parlay online in the US:

Chappell’s Restaurant & Sports Museum, Kansas City

Chappell’s Restaurant & Sports Museum has been around for 28 years and displays the owner’s collection of sports memorabilia. You can find some amazing things, from baseball to autographed soccer jerseys. You feel like going back in time.

Chatham Tap, Indianapolis

When the game is one continent apart, football fans need a place to gather. This Indy pub, serving beers from Belgium and England, broadcasts live matches from the English Premier League, UEFA Champions League, and European Championship. And it will definitely be packed during the World Cup in June. “It’s really like a true British pub from the outside in, which is pretty cool,” said Rovell.

Ainsworth, New York

Spending time at a sports bar doesn’t mean you’re missing out on the atmosphere or great food. In fact, it’s a great activity to spend with friends. But Ainsworth is a fairly expensive Manhattan restaurant. Arguably the most luxurious sports bar in New York City. Some people will say, “Hoity-Toity”. If you intend to go to Ainsworth, we recommend ordering the tuna burger, which is the best option for watching the game.

Bar 508, Minneapolis

Some sports bars find customer tastes more sophisticated than burgers and chips. This 508 bar is just a few blocks from the Target Center, home to the NBA’s Minnesota Timberwolves. They are well known for providing snacks such as chicken/buffalo dumplings and truffle asparagus. Even the drinks are a cut above. “They make some really good craft brews,” says Rovell. “They presented the 21st Amendment. It’s one of my favorite beers.

Chickie’s & Pete’s, Philadelphia

“Anyone can have a TV, but you must have one item (signature). The fries come with cheese sauce. (They) will take you there,” said Rovell. In sports-crazy Philly, it takes something special to stand out from the crowd. This mini-chain has found a winning formula with French fries seasoned with crab seasoning.

Lagasse’s Stadium, Las Vegas

This luxury sportsbook shines with what looks like hundreds of HD monitors. “The number of TVs is ridiculous,” said Rovell. Being affiliated with celebrity chef Emeril Lagasse, the food is also famous. Excursions can be expensive, however, often at an additional cost for luxury box and suite seating. “It’s not the cheapest place, but it’s a kind of paradise.

The Cubby Bear, Chicago

Across the street from Wrigley Field, this bar has long attracted fans looking for a stadium vibe without going to a game. “You can feel the energy when a home run is hit,” said Rovell. The crowd also pops in for a beer or Chicago-style hot dog before the game.

Stats, Atlanta

Above all, sports bars need televisions, and this place provides them. “It has great TV distribution and a great layout,” says Rovell. “They have learned that instead of 8 million big TVs, they are getting smaller and getting more games. Sometimes a 32-inch TV that’s perfectly placed in front of your face is better than a 60-inch TV (set) that’s far away.