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7th Annual Blind Wine Tasting Event
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7th Annual Blind Wine Tasting Event

What is the 7th Annual Blind Wine Tasting Event you ask?

Empty Nest Winery invites everyone over the age of 21 to taste and judge our new wines. Tasting will be available in a variety of different categories and you are encouraged to try to guess what fruit or ingredients they are made from (this is the “Blind” part) and judge accordingly. Yes, the best part is YOU are the judge! Each person will receive an official ballot at the door.

From there, a winery staff person will go through the tasting process and start with the first wine listed for you to taste, guess what it is made from, and decide if you like it. After that, you will go on to the next wine in that category. After you have tasted all the wines in the category, you vote for your favorite wine in that category. Next, you taste the wines in the second category, deciding on your favorite one there and so on and so forth. When you are all done tasting, simply drop your ballot into the basket to be counted later. 

Door prizes are awarded every hour, and ballots are counted at the end of the weekend. The winning wines will be announced with approximate release dates, so grab some friends and get to the winery for the 7th Annual Blind Wine Tasting Event where YOU are the judge and have the power to choose the next wines we make! 

Open extended hours of Friday, Feb. 9th 4-9pm; Sat. 10th & Sun. 11th (10-5:00) both days.  Tasting Event Admission $5/person, 1 time through food buffet line is $5/person; pay at the door. Empty Nest Winery is located between Decorah and Waukon at 1352 Apple Rd., Waukon, IA 52172.

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