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A Different Type Of Biking
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A Different Type Of Biking

Having moved to the eastern part of the state from western Iowa, I was pleasantly surprised by the number of bikes I began to see on the streets and roads almost immediately when we began to explore our new home and the surrounding areas.  I'm not referring to the the motorized kind, but the people-powered kind.  Nothing wrong with motorcycles, I just happen to have a garage full of bicycles belonging to myself and my two kids.  My wife doesn't ride...buzzkill, right?

Now, we are all familiar with the road bikes, mountain bikes and the single speed kid bikes we all started with when we were around five years old.  Those bikes can be found anywhere and it seems liek everyone has one now.  However, one style of biking we found when we moved here that we immediately fell in love with.  We never knw we loved it, either, since we had never been exposed to it where we used to live.  

Sure, we'd seen it on TV and we probably had some preconceived notions about it and most of them were probably negative since people tend to be wary of unfamiliar things.  What style of riding am I referring to?  BMX racing.  

Yep.  Who knew there was even BMX racing in Iowa?  Well, not many people since the only two sanctioned tracks remaining are in Des Moines and Cedar Rapids.  BMX racing involves light weight, small bikes being ridden on a closed circuit with different styles of obstacles over a distance of around 1000'.  

Who knew that BMX racing draws people not only from Iowa and nearby states but there have been riders from as far away as California, Texas and Florida making their way to the Cedar Rapids track for various state and regional qualfying races.  Pretty cool, huh?  Not only do the racers race for district points, they also participate in a benfit race for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and a scholarship benefit race.  


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