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A Modern Stay at a Historic Site: Cedar Street Suites in Elkader
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A Modern Stay at a Historic Site: Cedar Street Suites in Elkader

To fully enjoy and experience the historic downtown of Elkader in Clayton County, it takes a couple days to explore all there is to see to be able to capture the historic backbone of this Turkey River town. Fortunately, there are many different lodging options in and around Elkader to spend the night resume the adventure the next day. Cedar Street Suites is a wonderful lodging option for history buffs that wouldn’t want to miss out on a single moment of history in the area.

One weekend, I had decided to make an overnight trip to Elkader to experience the history for myself. On my first day, I spent my time going through the historic buildings and pictured what it would have looked like in its prime years. I had a lovely chat with the Historical Society, and they gave me a few tips and hints to quench my thirst. Naturally, I had to stop into Pedretti’s bakery to grab a glazed doughnut. It had a history of its own, and the side of their building has a visible history that’s a joy to see. While I was there, the aroma of freshly baked pastries consumed the sh , and was like heaven for the senses. As always, the soft pastry practically melted in my mouth, and the sweet glaze tickled my taste buds.

As the sun had set, and the sky had shifted into shades of purple, orange, and yellow, I went to Cedar Street Suites to spend the night, hoping to finish my adventure the next day. As I stepped into the lobby, the Innkeeper, Rebecca, welcomed me inside and showed me to my room. I had grabbed one of their brochures, and read their story before I hit the sack for the night. To my surprise, the building had an extensive history of its own. Located right in the middle of Elkader’s historic downtown, Cedar Street Suites has a unique history that made my stay feel special.

Originally built in 1869, the building had served as a Methodist Church. At that time, it stood as a white frame church, and also served as a schoolhouse. In 1898, it was physically moved to its present site; to move the building two blocks, a team of horses and a jack were used over the course of three weeks before it settled into its current location. In 1906, It became an Evangelical church, and was given a brick veneer. Since that church moved to its current location, it has serviced as businesses and homes for many people over the course of 40 years. When the owners bought the building in 2003, they restored the building to its proper state, and they have converted it into lodging suites for guests to stay and enjoy the peaceful simplicity of the building’s charm.

The next morning when I woke up, I took a deep breath of air as I stretched. When I peered out the window, I could see people walking about. It was as though I was watching modern day townspeople walking in an 1890s setting, and it was a wonderful moment to witness. As I admired the view, I couldn’t help feeling simply peaceful.


Written by Jayna Felder | Photo Credit to Cedar Street Suites

  1. Imagine Northeast Iowa Support
    Imagine Northeast Iowa Support
    Cedar Street Suites sounds completely charming! Thanks for the post!
  2. RovingPatrick
    It's always good to do some research and have conversations with locals. It lets one know much more richly what they are experiencing. Thanks for the post. Another good reason to visit Elkader.

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