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A Rainy Easter Ride in Northeast Iowa
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A Rainy Easter Ride in Northeast Iowa

Easter is a rare time when Travis and I actually get a day off together, so it would only make sense for us to incorporate something bike-related into our rainy Sunday. After dinner with family, a mention of a bike ride was brought up. It looked like the rain was done for the afternoon and I was bursting at the seams with excitement. It would be our first ride of the year together, sure it would be a paved trail ride, but that didn’t matter! I was excited to finally have my riding partner along for once.

As soon as we got back home to change it had started to rain again, Travis asked me if I still wanted to go. Of course I was! I rode in the rain several times last summer and had no issues at all, the last time I checked I didn’t melt or rust. It was less windy than yesterday and by golly, there were puddles to splash. (I love riding through puddles)

The question came to which bike would I ride, Travis felt it would be wiser to ride something with wider tires just in case it was slick. I asked with wide-eyes “Nikita?” She’s the custom Surly Karate Monkey what was my first bike built by him. She has a special story, but I’ll save that for another time. Travis would rather most times I keep her clean, but today I must’ve looked particularly eager and he agreed to let me ride her through all the puddles I could find.

Believe me, puddles were splashed and my face and rain jacket were splattered with muddy water. I wished for a few moments that I had worn sunglasses because that helps keep water from splashing into my contact-covered eyes. Oh well, I made it work regardless of how imperfect it wound up being. It was also fun to ride along with Travis. It’s like a small showing of my progress as a rider, from being completely wiped out with trying to keep up with his pace to now being able to go as fast. There are still differences; Travis is really good at bursts of speed where I’m not particularly great at them. Endurance riding is my specialty. Regardless we find ourselves riding side-by-side very easily now and that makes me feel very good.

Travis questioned if there would be any other people out taking advantage of riding the trail on this day, and wouldn’t you know? We met a few people out there, including Ward, whom I didn’t recognize until after I had passed him. After we got home I told Travis I really love rainy rides and he asked if it was because of all the puddle splashing. Not entirely, tho that is a huge draw; I love how cleansed I feel afterwards. Sometimes it just feels like it washes away excess “something”, you could say energy or emotions. It refreshes me mentally, emotionally, and in the soul.

The best part about my ride today was that I got to share it with someone I love, and that makes it even more special.

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