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A View from NE Iowa's Snowmobile Trails
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A View from NE Iowa's Snowmobile Trails

It’s March in Iowa and by now, many residents are excited to see warmer weather and less white stuff on the ground. For me, it’s always a slightly sad time because no more snow means the end of snowmobiling season in Iowa.

People who don’t snowmobile often ask, “Why do you love snowmobiling so much?” My response is always a quick and enthusiastic. While some view snowmobiling as an extreme sport and enjoy the challenge and exercise, I go snowmobiling to simply enjoy the beauty of northeast Iowa with my friends and family. Also, as a stay-at-home mom, it’s one way that I’m able to get some cabin fever relief and escape during the winter months.

Another question I often get is where. Where do I snowmobile? The thing I love about Iowa is you can snowmobile just about anywhere. My husband and I enjoy riding the ditches along the highways, but we often try to get onto one of the many trails all across northeast Iowa. The trails go through woods, into the beautiful valleys and across dozens of fields. When we’re out on a trail, it often feels like we’re in the middle of nowhere, traveling where few people have traveled, all the while surrounded by beautiful white snow-covered land. Sometimes, we like to ride to a particularly excluded spot and shut off our engines to enjoy the silence and sounds of nature. And speaking of beauty, we almost never finish a ride without seeing at least a dozen deer and several wild turkeys.

If you are ever offered a chance to hit the trails of northeast Iowa on a sled, make sure you say, “Yes!” Experience the solitude and go places in the state that only snowmobiles can take you in winter.

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