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Have an Unforgettable Adventure at the Volga City Truck Cruise
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Have an Unforgettable Adventure at the Volga City Truck Cruise

Driving into Volga City on the last Saturday of August is an unforgettable adventure. Enter, the Volga City Truck Cruise.

At the event last year, I was greeted by the soft trickling sound of the city’s waterfall, which was surrounded by beautiful, lush, blooming flowers. The clean, crisp smell of freshly cut grass filled my senses as I ventured into the park. Soon, the sounds of the waterfall vanished in the background and were replaced by laughter of children playing in bright colored bouncy houses. Suddenly, the wind shifted and the amazing aroma of a summertime grilling perfumed the air.

As I enjoyed my succulent, juicy, cheeseburger and a refreshing ice cold Mountain Dew, I was greeted by a magnificent sight. Hundreds of trucks filed back into the park and filled in every bit of green space, as participants returned from the cruise to prepare for the Tug-a-Truck event. Walking across the park, I could see thick, black smoke in the distance. The sound of excitement from the crowd was deafening as the smoke shows ended, leaving the sweet smell of diesel in the air.

Next, a long metal bar was brought out, and I knew, the time had come! The dust flew as the first truck whipped around the corner and drove onto the pad. The second truck followed in line, backing onto the concrete. The volunteers, all dressed in blue, hooked up the trucks and the first match was underway! The intense roar of the engines and squealing of tires put me on the edge of the sun-heated bleachers. The announcer on the loudspeaker was chanting, “Ford or Chevy, who will win this battle?” Finally, the Chevy pulled through! “That’s what it’s all about, folks!” cheered the announcer. “Welcome to the Volga City Truck Cruise!” 

Don't miss out on this year's end-of-summer event. For more information, including a map and how to get in contact with event organizers, click here.


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