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Another Hats off to Northeast Iowa
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Another Hats off to Northeast Iowa

This last week has been kind of an odd week! On my way back home from Oelwein, I ran out of gas just a few miles from Wadena. It was extremely hot and humid! To make matters worse, the spot where I ran out of gas was very dangerous, not only for me, but for vehicles coming from either direction. I was on a curve going uphill, so I was scared another car was going to come around that curve and ram into me. I called for some help, but it was going to be at least an hour before it arrived. I couldn’t leave the truck because there was not enough room to pull completely off of the road. Three vehicles passed without stopping.

It was another hot humid day in Iowa and I was beating myself up because I knew I should have purchased gas at the last gas station, but didn’t. I was dreading the hour long wait that I would have to sit there. Then as if turning a page in a good book, every car that came along began to stop to see if I was ok or if I needed help. I guess I should have at least asked someone to help me push the truck into a safer area, but sometimes I let my pride overrule my common sense thinking. Only seconds after that thought entered my mind, a young couple that had stopped earlier, came back a second time. The young gentleman that was driving told me that after he got to thinking about it, he realized I was sitting in a blind spot of the road.

He and his friend, a delightful young lady from Tripoli, helped me push the truck down the hill onto a much safer part of the road where oncoming traffic could see me from both directions. Knowing that my truck was in a safer area put my mind at ease about causing an accident and left me thankful to these two young and kind Iowans. After the young couple left I continued to wait for my friend to arrive. I had picked up a copy of the Oelwein Daily Register and read the latest news. After that I checked out my Facebook, using my cell phone. Out of boredom I posted my situation. Once more, so many wonderful people from nearby, assured me that if I needed help they could call friends to help or posted words of reassurance, which I definitely needed right then. My help finally arrived and shortly after I was sitting in my comfy little home, on my comfy little couch, drinking an ice -old drink and thinking about my renewed faith in humans and their kindness.

Another hat’s off to Northeast Iowa!

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