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At One with the Wild in Northeast Iowa
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At One with the Wild in Northeast Iowa

Are you at one with the wild ?  It's a simple question.  If you're not sure, then the answer is likely no.  Trying to explain it is impossible with mere words, but what the heck, I'm a writer, explaining things is what I do, so here goes.

Being at one with the wild is more than just walking in the woods, listening to the birdsongs, standing in the shade of a tree, watching a bear scratch his rump on a log.  It's a mixture of appreciating all things outdoors, not only for it's obvious physical qualities, but also for it's aesthetic attributes.  It's a feeling, an emotion, a very real kinship with a world that many do not understand or even acknowledge. 

For most of us, being at one with the wilderness is a foreign concept, but there was a time when our ancestors made a living from the land.   They were in tune with the ebb and flow of the seasons, and could read the signs without any conscious thought.  It was simply a natural part of life to be able to forecast the weather, track game, find edible food, wherever you might be.  In other words, being able to survive anywhere, at any time,  with whatever you had at hand.  Times have changed however,  and those instincts, senses, have been dulled...but that doesn't mean they can't be re-sharpened. 

The world is ever changing.  Technology is advancing no longer by leaps and bounds, but by light years.  The world I grew up in has had a face lift and is someone I no longer recognize.  The wild, on the other hand, never changes.  Oh sure, the lay of the land may change due to farming, housing, industry, but the life that takes place beyond man's limited understanding, changes very little.  A squirrel is still a squirrel, a deer a deer, a trout a trout.  They are not affected by changes in world power, fluctuations in the economy or the value of precious metals.  The war on terrorism means little,  unless your ant colony is over-run by another.  The outdoors is the ONLY place to which I can retreat, with the knowledge that I can step back into that world from where I stepped out, and nothing has really changed, nothing much at all.

Living in Northeast Iowa gives you the perfect opportunity to explore this world that can only be described as inspiring.  Open your ears, your eyes, your nose, and take it all in,  then open your mind and your heart and become one with the won't be sorry you did.  

I've been writing about  " The Wild " for over thirty years.  In the course of five decades, I've been a hunting guide, photographer/videographer, and have been making custom turkey calls three decades.   I enjoy turkey, deer and squirrel hunting, and can often be found in the outdoors when the game is in season.  I live in Waterville, Iowa at Critter Creek, with my wife Colette and dog Scrappy.    




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    Thanks for sharing your love of the wild with us, Rick! Welcome to Imagine Northeast Iowa!

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