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Bike Tips for Beginners-Commuter Edition 2
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Bike Tips for Beginners-Commuter Edition 2

Another series of (hopefully!) helpful suggestions to make a transition to being a bicycle commuter successful and fun!

1. A basic and most helpful thing to pack in your bike bag (as a commuter) is a rain jacket! I can’t tell you how many times I didn’t pay attention to the weather and “Oopsies!” got wet on my way home. Especially during the summer months when you never know if you’ll have an unexpected storm pop up.

2. Fenders may be a good option if you commute daily and are also a commuter all year round. You can get full-coverage fenders, or a fender that attaches to your bike and reduces splash from your back wheel. Those are temporary and nice for those wanting the option of removing it for less weight. I have full coverage fenders, and have learned if I want to splash puddles, it will keep my backside dry, but my shoes wet!

3. Learn alternate routes to your destination- such as alley ways and various side streets. You never know when something unexpected will happen (like road work). Knowing how to get where you are going multiple ways will save you time and stress!

4. If you commute at night I would suggest getting a high-quality light. Being visible is one thing, but being able to see the road ahead is another. I use a Niterider Lumina 650-it’s easy to use, overall “Josie Proof”-yes, I have dropped it a few times (did not break!); and provides 3 levels of lighting. Awesome for evening rides home and late night trail rides.

5. Baby wipes. When it is hot and humid outside and I bike to work, I just give myself a quick little wipe down. I’m really not a fan of being hot and sweaty, especially when I have to interact with customers! If you bike to work, you may want to keep some in your bike bag (or whatever you use). You could go so far as to keep an extra shirt in your bag, just in case you feel you are too sweaty in the one you originally wore.

These are some helpful commuter-style tips/tricks/suggestions to better your experience! Commuting is a great way to get around, and there are several things you can do to make your commuting experience fun safe. Enjoy the Ride!

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