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Bike Tips for Beginners-Enjoy The Ride Part 2!
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Bike Tips for Beginners-Enjoy The Ride Part 2!

This is a selection of helpful accessories that can improve your bike riding experience!

1. Sunscreen-it is important! I grew up on a farm and 99.9% of the time always failed to use sunscreen. When you go out on a trail ride and it’s sunny, be prepared to get burned! Sunscreen is just a good precaution for outdoor activities, biking is one of them. Remember to get the little areas you would most likely forget (ears and back of neck are missed frequently).

2. Padded bike shorts-this is one piece of bike gear that I will say is a great benefit to your ride. Harder saddle (bike seat) and a longer ride (think 45 minutes up to an hour+) and you will wish you had some extra padding. I scoffed at the idea of bike shorts and I laughed at how they looked on me. Then I went for a ride in them and I changed my tune. They are your friend!

3. Clothing that wicks moisture-aside from riding shirtless, clothing is usually a good thing to have on. Most people appreciate clothing, and it also provides sun protection. (Also allows you entry into most downtown businesses for a nice after-ride snack!) You may have tan lines, but who cares? Outdoorsy people have tan lines. Wicking material keeps you feeling dry and feeling dry is a good feeling.

4. Lights- If you like to go on night rides or are a commuter, you need lights. There are many options available to you, but I would suggest getting a light that actually helps you to see ahead (not just be in compliance with visibility laws). I commute on a regular basis and it’s often dark when I’m off work (especially in the later months), and I feel much more confident with a light that actually shines ahead. A good light is an investment, but a worthwhile one! I can see pot holes, ruts, and various other things vs. blindly riding through/over them.

5. Tire Pump-Get yourself a nice tire pump, larn how to read your tires, and pump them yourself. It’s one simple way to feel more confident about your bike and your overall bike awareness. Check your tires regularly as well. You’ll get a better ride with properly filled tires.

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