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Challenge Accepted: Letting the Fat Tires Roll
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Challenge Accepted: Letting the Fat Tires Roll

Tuesday afternoon came and the weather had turned a little cooler and wee had received word that the snow was becoming better. Intrigued, we had to check it out ourselves which meant going out for a ride! Air pressure was checked, we lowered mine to give me a fighting chance. As much as I joke about saying I should put some bricks in my Camelbak, I know that's not really a viable solution for me.

We started at IPT like usual, Travis made the bigger of the first two hills. I slid out and fell on my butt. Well? That's a great start.

I couldn't quite make it up the Yard Sale hill, but made myself feel better as I picked my line through the rock garden without a foot down. Yeah!!

We made our way up North 40 and didn't make it past the first hill. Oh, okay. Travis made it up the second turn and I was hopeful that I would be able to as well. Then my tire spun out. Well, I wasn't about to be deterred on trying the climb again. Nope. Not on this day. I went back down to a good starting point and tried again, making it about halfway up. Travis was so proud- but that wasn't good enough for me to be satisfied. I went back and decided to try the climb one more time. Just one more.

I tried my best to keep my movements controlled. It was hard, it took a lot of effort. I almost got off track, but I managed to move myself to stay where I needed to and successfully climbed that hill! Yeah! I was exhausted.

Onward and forward to on our standard route. Today the pines were a bit better to ride in, and the west pines proved to be easier to maneuver. On the way back through I apparently started to "rip around" a little. Travis got a kick out of my sliding out a little.

Overall, I could feel my confidence increase and that made me feel more excited about the ride (in general.) I was able to maintain more traction which made riding more enjoyable, don't get me wrong- I was still challenged!

On this day we went down Fred's. I had my first experience with not actually thinking so hard about what I was doing. You get to the top-most part and start making your way down a rock/rooted path where you make a left turn over a flat rock. Then you make a couple "plops" down and start your descent. Most times I'm paying more attention to what I'm doing, today I ended up seeing that flat rock and realized that I wasn't even "prepared" yet, in my head, for what was about to happen. I just let my bike roll, plop, and start down the hill. I couldn't breathe, the realization of what just happened was so crystal clear in my head. I was somewhat in shock, because I was worried at first that I might not make it around that little corner.

Down the hill my heart pounded in my chest, around the hairpin, down the rest of the hill- I let my brakes go a bit because all I did was skid. I made it!

What a rush.

This is what fatbiking is all about!

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  1. Imagine Northeast Iowa Support
    Imagine Northeast Iowa Support
    Northeast Iowa is such a perfect place to put fat tire utility into practice! Fun, fun! Thanks Josie, for posting!
    1. JosieLeah
      Thank you!
  2. hendersons
    Nice post! I just wondered if they're paying for posts again now?
    1. JosieLeah

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