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Clayton County Cycling Can Help You Clean up Your Environment
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Clayton County Cycling Can Help You Clean up Your Environment

You may be thinking of cleaning up your northeast Iowa yard or farm this spring by recycling some of that scrap metal. The time is now for farmers and others to clean up around their place and earn extra money at the same time. People used to consider scrap metal worthless, but there is money in recycling and at the same time keeping our northeast Iowa beautiful. And with the high cost of fuel to heat our homes, many are looking to make alittle extra income. Recycling scrap metal also reduces space taken up in landfills. Recycling allows an item to be converted and reused in order to save valuable natural resources. Recycling cuts energy use and reduces pollutants by not fabricating new items and materials.

But remember to take necessary precautions when handling and sorting scrap metal by wearing gloves and goggles. Transporting scrap metal can also be hazardous. Never overload a trailer with scrap metal and always take necessary precautions when transporting.

Wondering where to take your recycling? Clayton County Recycling is a big operation that is open all year round at 11645 Echo Avenue by Monona. It is a private company owned by Fred Runde and established in 1995 processing all types of scrap with about 30 employees. They are open Monday to Friday from 7 to 4:30 and Saturdays from 7 to 11 am. If you get the chance, it’s something to see the metal recycled and loaded on to train cars. Going rates for a car body is $195 a ton and an unprepared farm machine goes for $205 a ton. You can also bring in a wagon full of old metal junk. They do pick up also. Call 1-800-538-4752 for more information or scheduling a pick up. There is a charge of $10 to $20 to get rid of your old appliances.

With the price of copper at a good price and other commodities on the rise, people are scouring their homes and workshops looking for scrap metal to sell. The money earned is only part of the story. Recycling old catalytic converters and other unused material keeps those items out of landfills, while reducing the amount of raw copper that must be pulled from the earth.

Controller Gina Roys explained about the Clayton County Recycling business, “We are a scrap metal recycling facility that processes all types of scrap including automobiles, farm machinery as well as copper and aluminum. We pay top dollar for all types of scrap. Now is a great time to recycle and clean up our environment.”

Roys explains the process of the recycling plant, “Once the steel is received into our yard it is processed through our auto shredder, it is then separated by a series of conveyors and shipped out via rail car or truck to the steel mills to be melted down and made into new steel.”

Metals to be recycled are classified by type such as iron, tin, aluminum etc. After classifying, the metals are then moved to a melting pot to melt them and formed into a metal bar.

Since February and March are slower months for many and if the weather keeps cooperates, this might be a good time to clean up the yard or farm and do something good for the environment while making some extra cash. When dropping off recyclable metal, take a moment to watch the fascinating process yourself.


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