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Coming Home
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Coming Home

When I was growing up in Decorah, I can’t count the number of times people said, “Oh, you must love it there. It’s so beautiful!” I didn’t really understand what they thought was so special and amazing about the place, to be honest.

Fast forward a few years when I left home to attend college in one of the largest cities in our state.When I would return to Decorah, I began to fully comprehend what they were talking about. It was a slow realization, but it happened. Now I see Decorah as my retreat. I only live about an hour and a half from there so it’s a perfect place to go when I need to regroup.

When I’m in my hometown, even when I’m driving on the twisting roads that lead me there, my heart beats a little slower, my breaths are a little deeper, and my thoughts slow way down. There is something about this precious place that makes me see things a little differently. I remember the simplicity of life there, where you walk down Water Street and people greet you with a smile. I feel like I can visit any of the folks I know who still live there and be welcomed in without hesitation.

It’s the place I go where I can appreciate and recall the love of my family as I grew up. I can go to all the secret places that only those of us who lived there know about. Its where I feel like I belong, where my mind and soul can experience full relaxation. Although its been over 30 years since I’ve lived in the area, it will always and forever be home to me.

  1. Pebbles
    I never grew up there, but I cherished every summer I spent there. My family still lives there and if I could change minds, this is the first place I would covert to! I have always loved Decorah and it has always felt at home.

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