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Decorah Bicycles at the KDEC Home and Garden Show
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Decorah Bicycles at the KDEC Home and Garden Show

Decorah Bicycles has been attending the KDEC Home and Garden show for several years now and this was my second time having ever set foot at the Home and Garden show, let alone being part of it (minimally).

There is a bit of stress, hustle, and bustle when you are hauling in larger pieces of equipment. You have to show care and concern for the bicycles and hope beyond all hope they do not get scratched up and hoping you won't knock anyone over with display stands or hanging bike racks.

Saturday night was a cold evening for loading and hauling bicycles and stands, that’s for sure. I appreciated the kindness of individuals who helped and held doors open for us. I wished every few moments I had 4 arms instead of two, or at least some form of superpower that denoted a graceful form.

I didn’t help Travis at all with the Home Show set up last year, so this was a completely new experience for me. I felt a bit like a lost soul, wondering what the heck I should do and not wanting to get in the way. I did what I could knowing that ultimately it would be helpful even if it wasn’t a major feat. Getting the trainers opened up so bikes could be put in, putting out the product magazines, and handing off bikes to be set up.

When it was all said and done, the Decorah Bicycles booth looked amazingly good. Shiny bikes, fun colors, eye-catching, and a prime spot near the doors. It was set up this year to have some older kids’ bikes available for trying out. Every year Travis noted that kids wanted to try, but nothing was set up in their size. This year there were two kids’ bikes and the availability of Strider kick bikes for the youngest kids.

My time spent at the Home Show with Travis on Sunday was minimal as I had to go to work at Oneota Food Co-Op. I will say that the amount of time I spent at the Home Show really made me enjoy being there. The interaction you can have with individuals, which may be bike related or not, and the kids getting excited over being able to “ride a bike” really made my day.

It’s bringing bikes out into an open, non-threatening area for people to come and ask questions and try out some different stationary trainers/bikes. It’s a hands-on display that allows for interaction which I think is so wonderful and really allows kids to get involved. Kids are literally the future and if you can introduce them to bicycles early, they can have so much fun!

It was fun to check out the other booths and displays as well! Seeing kids use the climbing equipment at the Total Tree Care booth, getting shoe ideas, tempting baked goods, and the animals up for adoption at the Humane Society of Northeast Iowa’s booth. It was really fun to see people I see at the Co-Op as well as some individuals I do not see on a very regular basis. I will admit I did stop to get a plate of cookies before I had to walk to work. Everyone needs some homemade cookies don’t they?

Thanks to everyone who came to see Decorah Bicycles at the KDEC Home and Garden Show as well a thank you to all those who participate and attend the show!

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