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Feels Like Summer on Northeast Iowa Mountain Bike Trails
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Feels Like Summer on Northeast Iowa Mountain Bike Trails

It was the first hot summer day of the year, I'll admit, I was uncertain of how I would ride with the heat and humidity. The sun brightened the surroundings and the heat warmed you from the outside in. It wouldn't take much to break a sweat on this ride, not at all.

My friend and I started our ride without much for expectations, other than to get through it. Don't push too hard, let our bodies acclimate to the temperatures, and just have fun.

The trees gave enough shade in spots to make it very tolerable. The trails were slowly drying out from the weekend rain, as humid days delay that process a bit. I still found some spots to be a little tricky, but there were more than enough areas that I rode successfully.

Today we would make our way from the Van Peenen trails to the Dunning's section and explore all of the Mother's Day trails. This would be her first time on Middle and Lower; Upper Mother's Day was becoming easier and I figured there is no time like the present.

When riding on Lower Mother's Day you come to a secluded camping area where I had heard a natural cold "pocket" was located. Probably a cave of some sort, but too small of an opening to really be certain. I decided we should find this mysterious pocket of delightfully crisp air and take advantage of it. It was delightful! The closest thing to dipping toes into a stream of water. You could sit by the hole and stare out and away from yourself and see the air waving in front of you like it does on ridiculously hot days.

We felt refreshed and continued our way back to the top of Dunning's. The climbs sure didn't want to end, nor did they care. Anywhere other than the top is climb-intensive and both of us were battling tired legs. However, we made it and one could say we accomplished a great deal of riding for our time frame!

We made our way back to the Backside/Lower Randy's section and went to get my bike over a log-completely miscalculated either how much to lift my tire or how fast I was going. Next thing I know I am sitting on my butt in the middle of the trail. I guess there are times when you have to admit that you still have some learning left to do and not be afraid to laugh at less than graceful moments on the bike. Not everything can be learned perfectly in a season- that's a good point to remember.

I may never be a fan of extremely hot and humid days during the summer, but that doesn't take away the joy I experience from riding our trails!

Remember: take it easy, enjoy the scenery, and stay hydrated to ensure you enjoy your time outdoors on two wheels.

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