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Find Quiet Country Comfort at the Pines Bed and Breakfast
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Find Quiet Country Comfort at the Pines Bed and Breakfast

There’s nothing like a cabin in the woods on a snowy winter night. The gentle snowfall just beyond the wooden walls gives the feeling of warmth and comfort through the chill of the winter nights. Though not a cabin, the Pines Bed and Breakfast is a comfortable home nestled in the countryside just a few miles outside of Elkader in Clayton County. From the glass doors of the balcony, you can see the frost-covered trees, the soft drifting snow, and the bright red cardinals pecking to find food under a fresh blanket of the powdery flurry. Judy and Gary Benson open their home to guests, and provide two beautiful rooms to make your stay comfortable and warm.

On a snowy winter morning, I knocked on the door and was welcomed inside by Judy Benson with a warm smile. As the snowflakes in my hair melted, I glanced around the home and knew I was in a very special place. I needed a weekend getaway, and the Pines had an open room for me to stay in. Judy led me to the Northern Blue Room, which was decorated with blue accents and light blue walls. I set my suitcase next to the bed, and pulled my favorite purple sweater over my head, running my hand up the soft sleeves. I knew it was going to be a great day.

While the sun had shone high in the sky, I brewed a fresh pot of Big Muddy Coffee’s Sumatra, which was locally roasted in Osterdock. The bold aroma of the brew was a warm welcome for the senses as I poured a cup. With the steaming mug in hand, I sat in front of the patio doors, watching the winter wonderland that was just beyond the glass. A few sparrows had hopped along the once perfect blanket of snow, and a junco rested on the snowy railing of the patio. The view of rolling hills peppered with snowy tree tops was a site to see; a site that is so characteristic of Clayton County. With a final sip of my coffee, I gazed out the doors once again to see a pair of does surveying the backyard with a curious step.

The once blue sky was soon sporting hues of orange and purple, and the setting sun made the blanket of snow shimmer and reflect the colors from the sky above. The backyard was still, yet the snow continued to fall delicately over the rolling hills of the countryside. Being so far from the hustle and bustle of the city was such a calming experience, and I felt like I was at a home away from home. The Bensons opened their doors for me, and provided with a quiet country comfort I was longing for.


Written by Jayna Felder | Photo Credit to The Pines Bed and Breakfast

  1. RovingPatrick
    Who knew there was an Osterdock or that coffee was roasted there? Pines Bed and Breakfast sounds like a fine place to sip that coffee.

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