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For a Clean Cup Every Time, Try Big Muddy Coffee
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For a Clean Cup Every Time, Try Big Muddy Coffee

The best wakeup call is a freshly brewed pot of coffee sputtering its final drops. The warmth of the brew tickling my face is a comforting feeling that will put me in a good mood for the rest of the day. However, for coffee lovers like myself, it can be hard to find the perfect cup of coffee. Not too long ago, I searched across Clayton County to find the best cup of coffee available to me, and I found the answer in Osterdock at the home of Barbara Arthur, the owner of Big Muddy Coffee. She shared her story with me and opened my eyes to the flavor profile that can be created with the right treatment of the bean.

The most surprising part of Barb’s operation is the location of her roaster; it’s located right in Osterdock! She roasts her own beans locally, and she makes sure they are roasted at the proper temperature for the perfect amount of time. This special treatment given to the beans keeps them from becoming bitter, so the true potential of the bean is drawn out. The resulting grounds have no additives, so the customer receives a cup of pure coffee flavor with no fillers. One may even be surprised to find that by the end of the cup, there’s no coffee ring on the inside of the mug! Because there are no additives to the coffee, there are no foreign particles to sit on the surface of the brew, so you end up with a clean cup every time.

Barb Arthur didn’t start out as a coffee roaster in her professional life; she actually used to work as an administrative assistant at the Schuster and Mick Law Office, until she was faced with the same problem I had; she couldn’t find a good cup of coffee that would satisfy her taste buds. So, she took it upon herself to learn a trade, bought a roaster, and started her own coffee business, and now sells Big Muddy Coffee in local businesses across Clayton County, including Picket Fence Café in Guttenberg, Treats on Bridge Street in Elkader, and Jake & Company in Strawberry Point.

Barb Arthur shared her story and coffee with me, and I am more than happy to share the sweet satisfaction I get with her coffee and in not having to worry about a brown ring in my mug.

Written by Jayna Felder | Photo Credit to CCDG

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