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Freeport Cyclists and Pedestrians Seeing Signs of Trout Run Trail Extension
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Freeport Cyclists and Pedestrians Seeing Signs of Trout Run Trail Extension

Residents of Freeport and Haugen Hummel are seeing signs of the Trout Run Trail extension, as it winds its way along River Road. Construction crews are making quick work of excavations for the trail foundation. A gravel covered trail can now be seen starting from the end of Trout Run Trail (behind Walmart) all the way to Freeport Park. 

The construction crew plans to have the main stretch from Walmart to Wellington Place care facility paved by the Fourth of July (weather permitting). This will give pedestrians a safe path along the busiest traffic stretch of the trail, Old Stage Road. This is great news for families who must make the choice of riding on the gravel shoulder of the busy road, risking incident with high speed traffic, or just staying home.

Up until this point, the trail has primarily been excavated along flat field terrain. The next stretch of the trail consists of residential property, gullies, and woods, as it nears (and passes) the Oneota Country Club. It should be interesting to watch how the crew works their way across this terrain. Let's hope they aren't forced to slow down their progress by too much.

The trail extension is a gift to residents in the Freeport and Haugen Hummel area looking to enjoy Decorah's gorgeous trail and park systems. It will give them a safe and comfortable path to the downtown areas, promoting more cycling and less driving during both summer and winter months. This will have a positive impact on overall citizen health and happiness, while helping to reduce the total impact of local travel on air quality.

Photo courtesy Flickr Creative Commons.

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