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Geocaching in West Union - Ready for a Close Encounter?
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Geocaching in West Union - Ready for a Close Encounter?

After your success at finding the geocache at the Laura Ingalls Wilder Museum in Bluffton, you must be ready for another trip.

Our adventure this time takes us just east of West Union Iowa, Echo Valley Park to be specific.

West Union is, in my opinion, the very best place to cache in Northeast Iowa, This is thanks to Tobin Britt (hawkeyetob in geocaching circles). Tobin and his family have placed a number of geocaches in and around Fayette County. These caches highlight this area's unique landmarks as well as a number of pioneer cemeteries. If you are looking for a great place to geocache, you need look no further than West Union Iowa.

Today's cache is one of hawkeyetob's most clever. Area 52!?! which is GC341RB on the web site.

According to this cache's description-

"Little did you know an “alien spacecraft” crash landed in Echo Valley Park! Beware, the downed UFO engaged its cloaking device!"

Sounds like fun?!

We also know from the cache description that this cache is lagre size, meaning that the cache is 20L or larger. Example: A large bucket.

So this one shouldn't be too difficult to find.

Once again, using my GPSr, you follow the arrow (the GPSr's compass) till the distance gets smaller. You find yourself entering the woods. Where else would you expect to find a UFO?

Stange green lights, unworldly sounds, and small gray beings with huge black eyes?


A really clever geocache?

Yes, but you will just have to see this one to believe it.

Remember to sign and date the log. Replace as found to assure our visitors that we do indeed "Come in Peace".

Congratulations, you have found your second cache. Be sure to go on line and document your find.

Next week, it is time to find your first EarthCache.

Till then...cache on!!

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    Eve Sherrill York
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