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Before Your Put Away That Winter Wear: Make a Snowman Kit for Kids
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Before Your Put Away That Winter Wear: Make a Snowman Kit for Kids

The warmer weather may have many Iowans thinking spring, which means putting away all that winter gear. But before you toss out your old scarf that has seen too many winters or the gloves that now have holes from shoveling one too many sidewalks… think about the gift-giving season. Yes, you heard me right!

Just like the popular song from Frozen, you need to answer the question, “Do you want to build a snowman?” And if you don’t, I bet you can think of someone who does! This holiday season, my kids received a gift that they used all winter long, a homemade snowman-building kit.

Think about it… a snowman is simple. He needs a hat, eyes, nose, mouth, scarf, and buttons down his front. (And if you want to get fancy, a corncob pipe!)  These are all items many people have lying around their house.  But, as a mother, I tend to shy away from letting my kids leave our “good” warm weather gear out in the yard atop of pile of snow they are currently calling “Frosty.”  This year, I didn't have to. When the snow hit, we just got out our snowman-building kit and went to work. The kit was a box filled with old scarves, hats, sticks, and other things our gift-giver had lying around.  With its contents, my kids were making entire snowman families in our yard for the entire neighborhood to enjoy.  And I never had to worry about bringing things back inside so they could dry in time for the kids to take to school the next day.  The idea seems so simple, but it was one of the best gifts my kids received this year.

So as you’re packing up and getting ready for Spring, set aside the winter apparel that has seen better days and make some kids in your neighborhood smile next time the snow falls in northeast Iowa.

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