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Into the Wild: A Truly Unique Mother's Day Gift
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Into the Wild: A Truly Unique Mother's Day Gift

Mother's Day is coming up soon--have you made your plans yet? Consider planning a day in the wild with mom to plant something to be remembered! You're going to get dirty, but it sure will be worth it!

Iowa is a prairie state. In fact, the entire state is encompassed by seas of native tall grasses - used to be. Agriculture and the emergence of other "monoculture" concepts have decimated this sweeping grassy savannah. Less than 90% of Iowa's native plant species are left on its landscape. That's bad news, but this is something that we can change. So, as a special gift for Mother's Day, let's get mom growing for Iowa!


The prairies of Northeast Iowa are a unique natural resource blooming with seasonal wildflowers and protected by weed smothering, deep-rooted tall grass species. Ironically, the cultivation of non-native grass species have led to an "unnatural" landscaping - we call it a lawn. Lawns are monocultures (single species plantings) that offer little resources to struggling, and important, wildlife animals like pollinators (bees and butterflies) and insect-eating songbirds.  

Show mom how she can be a heroine this Mother's Day by taking part in the replanting of Iowa. It's easier than you would think and the impact will last, as it ensures that our pristine natural resources will flourish for generations to come.

Get Digging

Grab the shovel and evict some of that lawn. Mom's flower garden needs its space! Looking for some native bloomers to take up residence in your "conservation" patch? No worries, here are a few stunning species.

Anemone, Ladies' Tobacco, Prairie Smoke, Artemisia, Pasque Flower, Butterfly Weed, Aster, False Indigo, Pale Gentian, Sunflower, Blazing Star, Wood Lily, Great Lobelia, Black-eyed Susan, Spotted Bee Balm and Spiderwort.

Find a full list of plants by visiting the list at Iowa Prairie Plant's website.

You can learn more about state-wide restoration efforts by joining Plant Iowa Native - "Plant Iowa Native is about connecting people with native plant resource for all of the benefits and attributes our native flora provides…habitat for wildlife, healthy soils, clean water, biodiversity, and beautification."

Show mom that she's the best, by preserving Iowa's history, culture and native beauty on this special day. It's the perfect gift for mom - because it is the one that keeps on giving.

Photo Courtesy: Flickr

  1. visitdecorah
    My favorite Imagine NE Iowa article. Thanks for the 3 minute education.
    1. AT Martin
      AT Martin
      The prairie restoration efforts are so exciting!

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