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Go Bigfootin' in the Yellow River State Forest
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Go Bigfootin' in the Yellow River State Forest

Big things are rustling in the Yellow River State Forest.

And as it turns out - Northeast Iowa is a hotspot for tourists. We aren't talking about Winnebago rolling campers... we are talking sasquatch. Yes, the bigfoot of cryptozoology fame is making an impact - if you chat with members of the Iowa Bigfoot Research Group (IBRG).  Will sightings pouring in from Allamakee County cornfields, byways, highways and campsites, make Northeast Iowa the focal point of the "squatchland?" Local bigfoot investigators hope so!

According to IBRG, the Yellow River area is great for launching an expedition.  The preserve's "scenic overlooks are accessible by horseback, foot or auto and a large portion of the cross country ski trail system is found here." In fact, the Iowa Bigfoot Association (BFRO/IBRG) mentions that they were recently given a "big" update by a group of equestrians claiming to have had a bigfoot encounter.

Animal Planet's show, "Finding Bigfoot," unravels a list of more supposed sightings - from cornfield and roadway surprises, apparent howls and calls heard (the legendary critters are thought to use wood knocks and a variety of loud vocalizations according to the show's followers), and a truck-shaking episode that impressed one BFRO team while they were conducting an investigation.

Bigfoot investigators, Bob Barhite and Steve Moon, from Iowa's Bigfoot Research Group (IBRG), state that it's always a good time to hit the riverways of Yellow River to search for bigfoots. The Iowa team mentions that the state offers what is assumed to be an ideal habitat for these big furry primates, as the low human population density is enhanced by natural corridors where wildlife can pass through the state. The Hawkeye State's legendary cornfields are just perfect conservation areas for deer, birds, insects, mice and rabbits. Many of which, according to the BFRO, are apparently on a bigfoot's menu!

Northeast Iowa is "Squatchy"

The famous exclamation from Animal Planet's Finding Bigfoot, "I think there's a squatch in these woods," may be one you'll utter! Iowan squatchers joined up with the cast (and founders of the BFRO) to launch a technology aided camp-out in the Yellow River State Forest. Results were intriguing. Of course...Iowans already knew there were big things in our woods.

James Fay, the popular BFRO investigator, says he has been receiving a steady stream of eyewitness reports from this region of the state. To learn more, visit Animal Planet's Finding Bigfoot to watch the episode shot in our backyards!

Are you a "squatch" watcher? Leave a comment below!

Image Courtesy: Flickr/Satchmo

  1. Bob from Waukon
    Hi AT. There seems to be a bit of confusion in your blog regarding the role which the IBRG played in producing the Yellow River episode of "Finding Bigfoot." While I'm sure they're investigating some great reports from the area, they didn't work on the show. The investigations which prompted filming came directly from reports that we fielded with the BFRO. In fact, the very first report I ever investigated, which I worked on in the 1970s, was from a farmer who had an encounter in the 1930s. Northeast Iowa is a wonderful location full of hidden valleys that warrant further investigation.

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