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It's Spring! 5 Wonderful Places to Enjoy Winneshiek Woodland Wildflowers!
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It's Spring! 5 Wonderful Places to Enjoy Winneshiek Woodland Wildflowers!

The trees are just starting to bud, with a blush a green appearing on branches in the woods. But below, at the base of these trees, there are blankets of white, clusters of purple, and splashes of pink. NOW is the time to get out and enjoy the beautiful wildflowers that decorate our woodlands in the spring. This wildflower season is short and the blossoms do not last long,  Trillium, bloodroot, hepatica, anemone, Dutchman’s breeches and more are just beginning to add patches of light and color to the relatively dull forest floor. Depending on the temperature, soil, sunlight and location, the spring wildflower peak will probably be during the next two weeks. There are many places to find these wildflowers in Northeast Iowa woodlands. 

Ready to get out and find these wildflowers in our unique Northeast Iowa woodlands?

Here are 5 wonderful wildflower places in Winneshiek County: 

1. Malanaphy Springs State Preserve

Stroll along the one-mile trail, find the flowers in the beautiful wooden area, and enjoy the beautiful waterfall at the incredible end of your hike. 

2. Trails at Seed Savers Heritage Farm: 

While visiting, also stop at the historic apple orchard to have a sensory experience. See and smell the apple blossoms and hear the buzz of the pollinators. 

3. Trails at Lake Meyer County Park

Hike through the woods and around the lake. Pack a lunch-- you're in for a treat.

4. Trail at Will Baker city park in Decorah:

hike up a rock stairway next to Pulpit Rock, enjoy the view of the Upper Iowa River and City Prairie and see the wildflowers on the way down through the woods. 

5. Phelps Park Trail:

Begin in Decorah’s hilltop park and follow the trail above the Upper Iowa River for stunning views.

Get out there and enjoy the beauty of the region! Celebrate spring with a wildflower walk and discover the beauty of our woodlands. 


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  1. Imagine Northeast Iowa Support
    Imagine Northeast Iowa Support
    Who doesn't love spring Winneshiek wildflowers? Thanks for this great list!
  2. Katmarhan
    Spring wildflowers are so special because they bloom for so short a time. I hope lots of people take advantage of these great opportunities to enjoy these spring beauties.
    1. Meg1975
      And with the rain we are having the next couple of days, lots will be blooming in the woods.
  3. visitdecorah
    Thanks for planning my weekend. I love wildflowers.

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