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Humble Hands Harvest Farmraiser
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Humble Hands Harvest Farmraiser

Close your eyes and imagine, Northeast Iowa pulsating with a vibrant food culture where we honor the full capacity that this driftless land can provide.  We eat habitually, if not exclusively, from it. We support the farmers that produce a full diet of starches, sugars, proteins, fats and nutrients, in an increasingly perennial way.  The design of our farms nurtures land fertility and honors crop and animal diversity. These farms inspire, educate, and welcome our wider community with yearly rituals of harvest and processing, and we build ongoing connections through regular opportunities to work and celebrate together.  We are all a part of this wider community that is welcomed to commons-space farms.  

Humble Hands Harvest, a vegetable CSA farming operation led by Hannah Breckbill, in Decorah, Iowa has the vision to become a farm like this.  Humble Hands Harvest will be producing on 8 acres of LLC land outside of Decorah starting in 2017.  On this new land, Humble Hands Harvest has goals of continuing its CSA,  having grass-fed lambs, sowing pollinator habitat in the pasture, raising poultry and pigs, and planting perennial food crops like asparagus, grapes, hops, berries, and hazelnuts.  Depending on funding and capacity, Humble Hands has the vision of building a greenhouse, a hay storage, and winter livestock shelter and planting timber trees and windbreaks.  Overall, the intent of this acreage is to be a commons space for the larger community to connect to the land that produces our sustenance.

Are you a part of the larger community that wants this connection?  We are calling you!  We are calling all lovers of land, carrot eaters young and old, weavers of community, klezmer music junkies, and all who cherish access to local healthy food...Come and be a part of the Farmraiser Party happening this Saturday, January 21st at 218 W Water Street (formerly the Sports Shop, and most recently the Democratic Party headquarters), Decorah, Iowa at 7 p.m.

Decorah's very own Balkan music folk band, Maritza, will be kicking things off, as well as playing throughout the night.  There will be a live auction, popcorn and beer, good conversation, interactive components, and both young and old community members sharing their messages in support of this vision.  Come and show your support for Hannah and her cousin Emily who will be collaborating with her this year, and this bigger vision.  Bring your wallets and give generously so that Humble Hands Harvest CSA can have a vibrant, functional, community-based home to provide you with food for years to come. 

What we need is here. You are what we need.             



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