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Capture the Beauty of Northeast Iowa
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Capture the Beauty of Northeast Iowa

The Challenge

It's probably happened to you. You were out enjoying the beauty of the Driftless Region, when a particularly stunning moment in time possessed you to take a photo. When you got home and excitedly pulled up your shot to share with the world, you were disappointed. 

Often times, the most inspiring and dramatic scenes are the most challenging to photograph. Low-light can challenge an exposure, and slow shutters will cause the photo to blur. Complex backgrounds can throw off focus, or maybe you simply can't find the best way to truly convey what you experienced.

Maybe it's not just the beauty of nature that you're interested in preserving. Your child's antics, a friend's special day, these photo-ops all have the potential to challenge your camera. The good news is, with proper knowledge of all that your camera has to offer, and tips from an experienced photographer, you can build the tools necessary to truly capture your vision.

Where I Come In

My name is Nick Chill, and I'm a fine art, portrait, and wedding photographer with a decade of professional photography experience. I have to admit that I enjoy teaching photography just as much as practicing. I've taught everything from one-on-one sessions to 4-day national park workshops. I began practicing and teaching in San Diego, California, and now I've carried that love with me to Northeast Iowa.

Feel free to view my work at Nick Chill Photography.

I have an ongoing schedule of photography classes, both at Arthaus Decorah and my home photography studio. Classes cover everything from basic manual photography controls and an introduction to photography software, to advanced photography editing and techniques.

As of this article, there are 4 upcoming classes available in Decorah:

  • Advanced Lightroom Techniques - June 7th
  • Manual Photography Basics - June 11th
  • Intro to Studio Lighting - June 21st
  • Intro to Adobe Lightroom - June 25th

Plus, another 6-week photography series is being planned at Arthaus Decorah.

Pre-registration is required for all classes. You can view the full schedule in the 'Workshops' menu at Nick Chill Photography. Feel free to email me with questions or requests:

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    Imagine Northeast Iowa Support
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