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Little Life In Decorah
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Little Life In Decorah

There's a lot to say about Decorah.

And most of it's been covered on this blog. You've all done a wonderful job representing our sweet home, so hats off to you all. Finding this site has been a blessing in full sight, and I love it.

Here's my own little piece of Decorah. It's not about the wonderful festivities and warm events, though those are all wonderful and loved. It's not about the bright minds and the hopeful young, doing their best for our town. Though it might be.

It's about the little things. The way you recognize that tree in the park you pass by every morning. It's the way Decorah is decorated (Decorahted, anyone?) for the seasonal holidays. It's about a little cup of hot coffee in the morning before you take off into the open town with your friends and family.

Stop where you are. Look out of the window. What do you see? A museum in the distance? A resource center or two? Someone showing Viking pride? Maybe you can't see these things, but you know they're there. You know that somewhere nearby, trout are swimming about. You know that beneath your feet is where space met the earth in a colossal collision. 

You know that Decorah is special. You know that it is loved. You know that it is unique. Turn on the radio. Turn it to 104.9 KVIK. Kick your feet back and remember your fondest time in this little city we all call home. It doesn't have the glitter or the glamor that big cities like Los Angeles and Chicago may have, but it has the heart that drew you to it. It has the imprint of you and your family, and generations beforehand left behind.

It only takes one quick look at that big blue sky to make you fall in love.

Photo by me.

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