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Local Business K’uun Coffee Can Perk up Your Day
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Local Business K’uun Coffee Can Perk up Your Day

The aroma of fresh coffee brewed to perfection is the perfect way to wake up the senses. Take that to another level by giving yourself a few quiet moments to indulge in the delight of sipping your special coffee brewed for your own special taste.

Did you know you can get the most delicious and freshest roasted coffee right here in Calmar? Owners Fernando and Barbara Vaquero of K'uun Coffee took their combined 25 years of experience to start their own micro-roaster business based out of their home here in Calmar in 2012 to give us tantalizing flavors you may never have tasted before.

People can buy their coffee at The Flower Pot and NICC in Calmar. You can also order it online at Kuun Coffee or through some of their other customers such as Luther College, Oneota Food Coop, The Perfect Edge, Winneshiek Medical Center in Decorah to name a few. They roast to-order, so all coffees are roasted fresh and customized to the customers’ needs. For all you coffee connoisseurs out there, how can you beat that?

“It all began eight years ago when moved from Honduras to New Mexico and opened a doughnut shop. For several years we roasted and sold our own coffee in the shop, but a job opportunity in northeast Iowa landed us in Calmar in August 2011,” explained the Honduran natives.

Their country and traditions have been highly influenced by the Mayan culture and coffee is one of the most important agricultural product for the economy of their country. K'uun means "gold" in Mayan language therefore K'uun Coffee became the name of their business.

“We have received so much support that we believe that is very important to give back to the community so we are happy to support our community through our K'uun Coffee by ‘Growing Together Fundraiser Program’ which is an easy and fun opportunity for schools or any institution with financial needs to learn and sell coffee to reach their goals. In addition we provide coffee donations to churches, Schools and nonprofit organizations for their fundraisers and activities,” says the generous couple.

The couple come from farm families in Honduras. Fernando worked as an Engineer in the food industry for 16 years and previously worked side by side with coffee farmers in developing countries, empowering and teaching them needed skills to succeed in their entrepreneurial agricultural endeavors. Fernando’s family owns a farm where they grow coffee beans, African Palm, among other crops. Barbara has a bachelor’s degree in Agronomy from the Panamerican Agricultural School Zamorano, a school whose mission is grounded in the sustainable management of resources and environmental conservation. She also worked for The State of New Mexico as an environmentalist and food specialist. Putting together these experience and knowledge in the arena of sustainable coffee farming they created Bean Masters Inc., which in Calmar they call their business K'uun Coffee.

“At K'uun Coffee, we custom roast single origin coffees using a micro-roasting approach, which allows to custom roast premium quality coffee in small batches to-order and to guarantee a finish product with a significantly greater degree of freshness than what the market currently offers. We import 100% Arabica coffee beans from Central, South America, Africa and Asia and the majority are Fair Trade Organic coffees. Our Offerings include but are not limited to coffees from: Brazil, Colombia, Ethiopia, Kenya, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Mexico, Sumatra, Cameroon, Honduras (of course), Peruvian and Mexican mountain water washed decaffeinated coffee, French Vanilla and Hazelnut flavored coffee as well as custom blends. Our customers can choose their roast profile from: light, medium, medium-dark and dark roast, whole bean or ground, and we sell by the pound (16 oz) and 5 lbs (80 oz),” explains Barbara.

The couple, along with their two daughters, Cecilia and Isabella enjoys living in such a warm community. “Being in a community that supports local products has been truly a blessing and we thank every family, every person that have supported us and trust us with their business. We look forward to keep providing with excellent coffees and services and at the opportunity to grow together.”

There truly is an art to roasting coffee, and we can enjoy the fresh roast right here in our community. Perk up your day with fresh roasted coffee from K’uun Coffee and support your local businesses at the same time.





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