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Magic Under the Marquee at Elkader Cinema
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Magic Under the Marquee at Elkader Cinema

As you push open the doors, you hear the kernels popping and smell the buttery goodness-- the kind that you can only really get at a movie theater. Ushers welcome you with friendly smiles as they dish up some of your butter-soaked popcorn. They ask you if you would like to try the new slushies and you quickly reply with an excited yes. As your slushie is being made, your eyes wander down to the candy hidden below the counter. You marvel over which candy you would like to enjoy tonight. Eventually, you choose a pack of colorful Skittles. You then pay for your ticket and refreshments.

As you walk into the darkened theater, you look around the room for the best seat. You walk down the softly carpeted aisle and glance at the other folks who are also attending the movie. There is an elderly couple holding hands, parents with their children, teenagers huddled together in the front, and finally, you see the perfect seat. A plush velvety blue chair in the center of the theater. Before you begin rushing to snag the chair, your eyes dart around the room looking for another person who may try to steal your seat. You see him. A tall dark and handsome individual. He probably has lovely, redeeming qualities, but never the less, he is eyeing your seat. Your perfect seat, the seat that you just spent minutes trying to find. You race down the aisle and get to the chair just as the man does. He sits down before you and snags it. You gather yourself and settle with sitting to his right, as the theater lights dim and the movie begins.

Elkader Cinema, located on the town's Main Street, is a great place for all ages, from grandparents to children. They change the movie every week so that there is always a variety of films to choose from. If you don’t like the one this week, be sure to check back next week for something different. With reasonable prices, the Elkader Cinema is a great place to take the whole family. And if going to the theater does not trip your trigger, the location also has movies available for rental. Check out what shows are playing this week and more, all on their website. 

*Photo from | Story by Samantha Wiedner

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    Imagine Northeast Iowa Support
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