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Making it Happen in Edgewood, Iowa
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Making it Happen in Edgewood, Iowa

Every year, during the first part of December Edgewood, Iowa has the neatest little thing for kids! You have probably all heard about it, but I will tell you my version of it. Each business offers a craft, snack, or gift bag to the kids. It is like a giant Christmas open house for all of the businesses in down town, Edgewood--just for kids! Actually, the event is called, “Christmas is for Kids!” This is a really good idea, because it gives each child the chance to go from one business to the other and learn what that business does and how they make money. Not only do the children learn about businesses, but their parents do as well.

An event like this also encourages shopping in your own home town, which benefits the town tremendously. It also gives parents quality time to spend with their children as well as adding a wonderful memory to each child’s many memories. One person responsible for her hard work in making this and other events happen is the Edgewood Economic Development Coordinator, Elise Bergan. She has done so much to make Edgewood, Iowa a better place to live and raise a family. I was once told that she does all of her shopping, Christmas and otherwise, in Edgewood. She is a great asset to The Edgewood Chamber of Commerce and to the town of Edgewood, itself.

Other events in Edgewood are the popular Edgewood Rodeo Days, scheduled for June 26-29th of 2014. Money from the Rodeo is donated back into the community to benefit such organizations as girl scouts, boy scouts, the Edgewood pool fund, the Economic Development Fund, and for other future events. Additional activities held during Edgewood Rodeo Days are The Edgewood Demolition Derby and the Gallop & Trot 5 K Run, Walk.

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