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Mountain Biking into the Northeast Iowa Seasons
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Mountain Biking into the Northeast Iowa Seasons

With mountain biking, I feel I've become more engaged in the changing of seasons. I noticed on one of my morning rides recently on how the sun is rising. Before when I went out, the sun was already up and now I'm being blinded by beams from the rising sun. That is my first sign of fall, not that it's obvious that the sun is going down earlier as well.

Being vested in an activity that has you outdoors is something that can put you more in tune with your surroundings. Many years the changing of the seasons would come up on me like a surprise. I didn't ride early enough in the morning to notice daylight differences and I was always leaving work after dark. This year I'm present.

It's hard to not feel a little sad on how quickly time escapes, one finds that time does indeed pass quickly as you age. Days and weeks go by fast and the next thing you know, an entire month has gone by.

Mountain biking is one way that I feel like I can stay present in the moment and not be focused on a million other tasks at hand. You are out in nature and experiencing the outdoors first hand. Among the trees and wildlife, you truly get transported into a different world. Away from the hustle and bustle of "city life" you find it's much more quiet but just as loud in its own way.

I've seen wildflowers and other plant life come and go, soon the trails in areas will be littered with walnuts and acorns. Those add an additional challenge to some of the uphills and descents. Then leaves will fall as well, blanketing trails, sometimes almost completely hiding them.

Animals scurry to find food and you may or may not see the same deer as months go by. Spots disappear and the fawns are identical to the adults. Quite a few adult deer seem to know that if you are on two wheels, you aren't a predator. I'm still always shocked by that.

Take a moment, slow down, and do something to make yourself present while you're outside. Go see, smell, and hear what makes each season so unique and special!

  1. Imagine Northeast Iowa Support
    Imagine Northeast Iowa Support
    We couldn't agree more about the quick passage of time, Josie. Thanks so much for the post!

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