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Moving Forward With FWD: Fearless Women of Dirt
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Moving Forward With FWD: Fearless Women of Dirt

Back in 2015 I wrote an introductory post about the Decorah-based women's off-road riding group, FWD - Fearless Women of Dirt. I'm back again to write about what FWD has been up to and why you and your daughter(s) should become involved.

FWD - Fearless Women of Dirt has gotten additional publicity over the past couple years, being featured in the Des Moines Register along with being mentioned on IPTV's Iowa Outdoors show.

Why a women's off-road group? Why not?! Riding our trails can be challenging, but if you allow yourself time, practice, and patience- you can find yourself going on adventures literally minutes from your backyard. Many folks see mountain biking as something impossible, so I wanted to create an environment where women could meet, learn, and grow together. 

It has been extremely humbling to watch the regulars who show up for the 5 p.m. Sunday FWD rides! It's a highly encouraging environment where we work together on overcoming fears and challenges. Sometimes we fall, sometimes we walk, but we always end up smiling and laughing during the ride!

To increase awareness this year with FWD - Fearless Women of Dirt I have hosted a couple FWD Women's Nights at Decorah Bicycles. The final FWD Women's Night for 2017 will be Tuesday, August 29th from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. Attending the FWD Women's Night is a free event and open to anyone who is interested in joining FWD group rides or wanting to introduce their daughter to FWD group rides. There will be some refreshments and door prizes. At the final FWD Women's Night for 2017 you'll learn about the 2018 schedule for FWD Women's Nights, plans for additional FWD Mother/Daughter rides, along with what to expect for FWD Sunday rides next year.

Also, you'll see the progress of our new FWD - Fearless Women of Dirt jersey and meet Mary Avenanti a fellow Iowan who also loves mountain biking. She will share her journey into mountain biking and what she has learned along the way.

FWD - Fearless Women of Dirt is also seeking out FWD Ambassadors in the Iowa area (and beyond!)- if you love mountain biking and sharing the sport with other women and girls, be sure to apply.

It has been a humbling experience this year with meeting new women from Iowa, leading rides, watching others progress, and establishing newfound confidence with something that seemed otherwise impossible. I encourage anyone who has a budding curiosity of FWD and what it's about to head on over to the FWD Facebook page to send a message or simply stop by Decorah Bicycles and ask!

FWD is a group open and welcoming to riders of all experience levels and is an excellent way to be introduced to our off-road trails!

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