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Nordic Waffles: New at Decorah's Nordic Fest
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Nordic Waffles: New at Decorah's Nordic Fest

Vesterheim Norwegian-American Museum extended an invitation to Nordic Waffles out of Minneapolis to serve waffles at this year’s Nordic Fest celebration in Decorah-- and they accepted. Nordic Waffles will be set up in Vesterheim's Open-Air Division, located behind the museum and gift store.

Having never eaten a Norwegian waffle, I wondered if they are similar to the ones I am familiar with. The following questions immediately came to mind and I set out to find the answers:

What is a Norwegian Waffle?

According to the Belgium waffles, Norwegian waffles are large, soft and fluffy and fit perfectly folded in your hand." Soured milk is a usual ingredient. However, it can be replaced by fresh milk. Cardamum, a common spice used in Norway, is not typically used in basic recipes but can add extra flavor.  The toppings are simple but yummy: slices of Norwegian brown cheese, a spread of sour cream and jam or just a sprinkling of sugar. 

Are waffles a traditional Norwegian dish? explains that: “Waffles are a tradition in Norwegian culture and everyone knows how to make them.”

What are the ingredients in a Nordic Waffle?

Waffle entrepreneur Stine Aasland will not share the measurements but she did share that there are eggs, sugar, salt, cardamom, sour cream, milk, all-purpose flour, and real butter in Nordic Waffles.

What do they look like?

Having only eaten thick waffles, I was surprised to learn that a Nordic Waffle is similar in consistency, thickness, and texture as a crepe. It sounds like they can come in any shape but that heart shape is often preferred.

How are Nordic Waffles served?

Nordic Waffles can be eaten anytime and with any toppings or made with yummies like chocolate chips, nuts, or candy added to the batter.

It is clear that I will be having a Nordic Waffle with chocolate, bananas, and whip cream in addition to my all-time Nordic Fest favorite-- pork chop on a stick.


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