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Night Riders
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Night Riders

My night life usually consists of coming home from work and chilling out. (Boring!) To change things up, twice this week Travis aka my life partner and I, have gone on nighttime trail rides. First it seems odd to go out on the paved trail in the dark, but if you are equipped with the proper lights, it’s very fun! (Lights are very important!)

Dug Road trail is lit up beautifully, it almost seems like it’s out of a movie. You can hear the river rushing below you as you pedal towards the campground/cut. The first night we went out, the bridge was lit with multi-blue lights. I was tickled, because they matched the blue of my bike- how serendipitous! The second night we went over the bride it was bedecked in red, white, and blue (festive!) and a semi-truck driver honked his horn at us! That provided us with a huge amount of amusement.

On the first night, we parked at one of the benches at the top of the hill, which overlooks part of the town. Seeing everything lit up at night is a beautiful sight. It makes Decorah seem so much bigger. Having grown up living in the country, I appreciate being able to escape town life for a little while. Being out in the middle of a field is wonderful- seeing all the stars, hearing the country critter sounds, and watching the fireflies! I contemplated on what the fireflies could possibly be telling each other as they blinked around us.

Both nights we saw at least one raccoon, one baby bunny, and a deer. The first night we rode, a deer was running in the field next to us. I promptly told it to please not run in front of us. I really didn’t want to get hit by a large animal. It would hurt! (I’d have a really neat story, though.) The second night, we rode by a deer standing in the ditch by the side of the trail. I could’ve spit on it, it was so close, seriously! I was thankful it chose to stay still and not bolt into either of us. On the second night, we also stopped for a moment so I could pet a fat little toad that was just chilling out on the trail.

Night riding is fun. Everything that is so familiar to me in the daylight is different. It's a true test of my paved trail riding skills! Depth perception is a little off, trees seem closer, and you never know what you might see out and about in the evening. I still manage to go down the switchbacks fast; always alert with the small hope of “Please don’t let something come out and hit me".

The evening is filled with buzzing of our hubs, toads croaking, and the sound of Travis and I laughing. A short escape from “city” life, to the peaceful quiet of the evening country side that is so full of life. One of the many blessings with living in a small town that is nestled up against beautiful hills and farm fields. The outdoors of Decorah is something you can take in at any time of day or night!

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