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Night Riders-Two!
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Night Riders-Two!

Sunday evening my friend Kristin and I went on a biking adventure. Most times Sundays are my day of rest from biking. However, an evening ride when I actually got off work before nine, sounded amazing.

We usually meet at the bench by Dug Road, and the mosquitoes decided I was a most delectable snack. How rude! A comic gem to all this is how Kristin and I both perpetually find ourselves running late. Most times I’m “on time” with things in life. I’m always 5 minutes early. Kristin and I have a comfort level and understanding with our rides. “On time” is really going to be five minutes late, either of us, give or take.

Onward we went, and what followed was an immense amount of gnats getting pulverized by our fast moving bodies. I’ll tell you this: hitting a gnat when you are pedaling fast is not the most pleasant sensation in the world. Frankly, being hit by hundreds of them at the same time sucks!

On our ride we encountered at least two baby bunnies, one adult bunny, a deer running in the field, and a few trail toads. I noticed the toad right away, and Kristen said that she had thought it was just random trail poop. (There are random trail poops, and a goal is to not hit them.) Nope, just a random toad doing random toad things, apparently-I guess being on the side of the paved trail is a cool thing for those fellows.

A topic of discussion for our evening ride was wearing some kind of bee-keeper hat that had mesh. We were in dire need of something protective. Our eyes, teeth, and nostrils were being violated by tiny bugs! I also thought how awesome it would be to have the power to “part the flies” much like Moses parting the sea. Regardless of the frustrating bug issue, we were happy to be out. There are times where one must endure in order to get something more out of a situation. Temperature and humidity, my lungs could tolerate. A bike ride and girl time are all things that make being pummeled by bugs worth it. Then you either go out for ice cream or break out an ice cold beer, and you truly feel complete!

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