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Nordic Riding!
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Nordic Riding!

I had been deprived of riding the trail for two days (Thursday and Friday) and honestly, I took full advantage of the unseasonal Nordic Fest weather on Saturday. I will not lie, I giggled with glee as I saw the rain come down while I was at work. “YES! People who are not willing to get cold and wet will not be out on the trail!”

I’ll admit, I must be a little sadistic, but I can tell you I was so charged up from the “busy” of Nordic Fest, that if I didn’t find a way to burn off my excess energy, I would’ve popped. (Ok, that is not completely true. However, I was feeling very high-strung.) 

After work I got home, geared up, and peddled my heart out. I battled some mighty headwind, and overall came out of the ride feeling very accomplished. Travis rewarded my efforts by taking me to the hot dog stand at Nordic Fest so I could get my beloved “Completo.” While shoveling my dog in my face, Erin had asked if we could save the day by running an errand and retrieving some more precious horseradish sauce. (Nothing says awesome like pretending you are a mighty super hero!)

Sunday evening after the Nordic Fest madness, Kristin and I went out for an evening ride. Consider it a perfect recovery from our Nordic Festiveness. Both of us were dragging, as we either worked or had been out the evening prior.

My metaphorical “engine” light was on low. However, my desire for a ride was much greater than the desire for sleep. We caught the tail end of a beautiful sunset, which when you are on top of a hill looking over the horizon, it brings a humbling feeling. The air was crisp, and I will admit that I should’ve worn full-finger gloves. Going downhill, the cool air rushed over my body-thank goodness for a long sleeved jersey!

The night life wasn’t terribly active, of course a deer and some baby bunnies were seen, so all in all it was uneventful in the baby animal category. The air was cool enough to have brought down the gnat population.

At least with everything else that had gone on during our weekend, our eyes, noses, and mouths were mostly bug-free. One loop led to two loops around the trail- beautiful conversation, and a feeling of accomplishment (and another late night/early morning bed time!)

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