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Norwegian Films in the Spotlight at this Year’s Oneota Film Festival
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Norwegian Films in the Spotlight at this Year’s Oneota Film Festival

The Oneota Film Festival (OFF) is now in its 9th season!  This free-to-attend film festival was founded by a group of local cinephiles who know that Decorah, Iowa is as much of a destination in the winter, as it is in the summer.  Regardless of your film taste, the Oneota Film Festival has something for you, with three days of films to take in.  The festival is fit for all ages, and the majority of films are screened on Luther College campus, with a few films to be screened at select downtown locations, too.

This year’s festival is bringing the voice of Norway to Decorah via four highly acclaimed films (short and feature length) from the Norwegian Film Institute and Norwegian filmmaker, Frode Fimland.

DANCING FOR YOU (Dans for livet) (29 min)

Directed by Erlend E. Mo, Norway

A musical and visual film about Vilde, a charming 12-year-old girl with a talent in an unusual field, especially for her gender: a physically-demanding Norwegian solo dance called Halling. Regardless of gender, she is already one of the best in Halling dance for her age group. Vilde’s main goal now is the big Norwegian Championships called Landskappleik in Geilo 2014. But performance is not the most important—Vilde’s greatest wish is that her grandfather, who has cancer, will live as long as possible.

NORTHBOUND (10 min)  Directed by Jorn Nyseth Ranum, Norway

We are accustomed to see the skateboard being used in cities and on the hard asphalt. This film shows the first attempt to bring skateboarding into nature, specifically frozen sand beaches in northern Norway. Join four of Norway's best skaters in this poetic and playful encounter with the Arctic winter.


Directed by Frode Fimland, Norway

Siblings Oddny and Magnar live in a remote part of Sogn og Fjordane. Their lives consist of daily chores on the farm, doing things the traditional way, instead of adopting modern techniques and equipment. They are both over 70 years old, and they do not seem to give much thought to the world outside the farm. Although time has seemingly been standing still for the two of them, it has undeniably passed them by. Siblings Are Forever is a warm and poetic portrait of two people living a traditional life, which today seems quite extraordinary.


Directed by Frode Fimland, Norway

The story of Magnar and Oddny Kleiva resumes as visiting relatives from the United States invite them to see where their grandmother’s sister emigrated to in 1890.  A film rich in contrast, portraying the subtle reflections of the siblings on their extraordinary journey to Minnesota.

For a full list of this year's Oneota Film Festival films, visit them online, print your schedule, and plan for a weekend of great film viewing!   

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