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Pine Bluff Kitchen Gets a Crowdfunded Upgrade!
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Pine Bluff Kitchen Gets a Crowdfunded Upgrade!




past tense: crowd-funded; past participle: crowd-funded

1. fund (a project or venture) by raising money from a large number of people who each contribute a relatively small amount, typically via the Internet.

Perhaps you have heard of Kickstarter projects or IndieGoGo.  These online platforms have served Decorah in past projects to enhance our vibrant little community (see The Courtyard/Cellar and Molly Lesmeister’s Yoga video series.  These projects were made possible through crowdfunding and serve as a great example of how if everyone gives a little, a lot can get done!

Currently, there is a GoFundMe campaign to help remodel and improve the kitchen at Pine Bluff 4-H Camp located on River Road.  This beautiful stretch of land is available for rent for day camps, events, and gatherings of all kinds – and its amenities include rustic cabins, bath houses, an open fireplace, pavilion, and full-size kitchen. 

Thanks to a local group of Decorahans, this kitchen is about to see an upgrade – making the location even more of a home away from home for its guests!  The addition of sinks, counters, and freezers will not only make possible the massive food preparation that she does for us; it will also leave a lasting gift that will encourage more use of this camp.  While the original goal has been met, any additional contributions will help in the purchase of quality pots and pans that others can use in this kitchen in the years to come!  

Help spread the word – the friends of Pine Bluff are still looking for donations to enhance this kitchen environment for all future groups to come!  Put your dollars into a great local venue, and pay it forward!

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