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Rain? What rain?
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Rain? What rain?

What seemed like a beautiful Tuesday morning turned into a bike ride that tested my mental capacity for all things ridiculous.

I started biking in June of 2012, and from there my passion for the ride grew. I regularly bike Decorah's beautiful Trout Run Trail. It's a paved trail that has 11+ miles of beautiful scenery, farmland, hills, switchbacks, and fun downhills. It lets me escape the "city life" for almost an hour-especially when I bike past the farms on the trail route. Oh country life and dairy cows!

There had been rain that morning. However, stated that showers would end around 9:30 a.m. I left the house and looked skyward: "Sure looks dark...." I started my ride down at Dug Road. The trail forks, so you can go counter clockwise or clockwise. I opted to go counter, which results in some hard hills right away (clockwise lets you have a straight-shot first, but the inclines/switchbacks seem longer).   I got up the switchback that leads to the cut, and then the rain came. I was exasperated! I told myself: "You can't stop now, you're committed!"  And thus I started my decent down my first (fun) hill, before coming to the highway bridge.

Over the bridge, under, and through the woods, literally. The rain pelted me like tiny rocks. I was a mixture of joy and disdain. It was fun, and I figured I was the craziest person out there. Wait! I was the only person out there!

Sometimes the best rides are when you are completely alone, being out and one with nature. The joy of the trail is that because a large expanse of it is outside of town, you experience the bustling country life. It seems that after a rain lets up, the birds are even more exited to sing their songs. The birdsong was stunning, especially with the lack of wind or rain pattering my helmet. By the time I got back into town, the rain had stopped. I allowed myself to splash in every single puddle I could find (being that my jersey, shorts, shoes, and socks were all waterlogged).

I joked at the end, saying that I had a very "cleansing" ride.

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  1. Pedrito Flaco
    Well done, Josie!
  2. Rob C
    Rob C
    Nice! Thanks for the smiles! I need to replace my tube and get out there!
  3. Imagine Northeast Iowa Support
    Imagine Northeast Iowa Support
    Delightful. Thanks Josie.

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