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Small Miracles (AKA Baby Critters)
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Small Miracles (AKA Baby Critters)

On a beautiful Friday afternoon, my friend Kristin and I decided to tackle the Trout Run Trail loop. This wouldn’t be any ordinary ride, oh heck no! We would be going around the loop twice! (Mind you, this is something I never imagined my body to ever accomplish.)

I recently started up a Facebook page “Let’s Ride Bikes”. It was formed to bring together women riders in the community to set up rides with each other, either as a larger group or simply a pair. Through Facebook and conversations and in person, Kristin and I had started setting up rides together. Boy have they been a blast!

We love baby animals, enough said. On our rides, we keep a sharp eye out for anything above and beyond the basic “cute”. Our first loop around the TRT was a bit disappointing. Of course there were baby calves to look at, but we see them regularly enough. We wanted something amazingly adorable. We were looking for a wild baby critter to cross our paths!

On our second loop my legs were feeling tired, and mentally I needed something to take my mind off of my lead legs. We were coming down a hill before the first tunnel, when all of a sudden we saw a doe in the field. We slowed our bikes to a halt and gasped. "A fawn!" Wobbly legged, it was being licked clean by the doe, who likely had just given birth. Next, the fawn bounded around in the field, stoped (it probably said “Holy cow! I leaped!”) and bounded around again. We decided for the safety of the mom and fawn, we would slowly venture off again in hopes they would feel safe and avoid any highway travel. 

Both of us agreed that we love this area. It’s much better to live here than in the big city. Sure, cities have a lot to offer. You can go to an opera or a super fancy restaurant. But here you can see a fawn getting its behind licked.

Toward the end of our ride, we came out under the Highway 9 overpass and rode into a passel of baby bunnies! There were at least five tiny baby bunnies munching on greens and boy were they adorable! The tiniest cotton tails, translucent bunny ears, and the darkest eyes you ever did see.

It just goes to show you, that sometimes when you push yourself to accomplish something, you are amply rewarded with adorable Northeast Iowa wildlife.

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  1. Driftless Area Wetlands Centre
    Driftless Area Wetlands Centre
    What fun!! Love the comment about the diverse experiences you can get living in the country in NE Iowa compared to the big city...great things happening here!!!

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