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Something Special Around Here
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Something Special Around Here

Normally I try to keep my entries light-hearted and fun, but after a call I had this morning I felt the need to comment on something more serious.

I just got off the phone with my friend Millie, who is a few years older than me. Millie and her daughter decided to celebrate their heritage and take in this year's Nordic Fest on Saturday afternoon. Millie uses a walker, and while chatting away with some old acquaintances she ran into at the Fest, she took a nasty spill after stepping down off the curb wrong.

Her daughter was in a panic, of course, and hesitant to let my friend get up in case of broken bones or other injuries. After my friend assured her daughter she was fine (tough Norwegian gal she is!), several people passing by volunteered to help Millie to her feet. One outstanding young man even went as far as to walk a block or so with them, just make sure Millie had her legs back under her for certain.

I guess the summary of this entry is that there is a lot of talk about what makes this area great, and much of it centers around all the sights and sounds. After my conversation with Millie earlier, I found myself thinking that this instance, without a doubt, highlights what truly makes Northeast Iowa special: it's the people.

I don't know who these concerned Nordic Festers were, or even if they were locals. However, I do know that whoever they were, they obviously have some of that Northeast Iowa goodness in their hearts. Bless them, and bless you all, too. Northeast Iowa is full of people who still care about their neighbors. And that, my friends, is such a comforting feeling for this old lady.

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