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Starting The Second Season of Northeast Iowa Mountain Biking
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Starting The Second Season of Northeast Iowa Mountain Biking

In our Easter tradition, Travis and I made plans to go for a ride in the afternoon after having lunch at his mom's. Last year our ride was on the paved trail and this year we were lucky enough to have a dry Sunday. This meant we could finally hit some of the spectacular Decorah single track!

It had been a couple weeks since I had mountain biked, and that had been on snow. Now I could finally see what it would be like to ride my fatbike on dirt without worry about traction. Well, at least not as much worry.

When you finally see dirt you can fully embrace spring and accept the changing seasons. One can feel like winter is finally off the back-end and you can really believe that warmer days are ahead.

Our clothes changed and tires aired up, we headed out to see what the trails would give. Needless to say, it was amazing and welcomed ride!

Even with some of the most ideal snow conditions I would find struggles here and there with climbs and rolling resistance; there was a lot of sitting on climbs. Now I could stand and climb more. I found myself allowing my bike to roll faster than ever as I wasn't worried of losing traction or sliding out. I felt about as zippy as I could on a fatbike!

I took corners a little sharper, leaned over more, and felt invigorated with how freeing this ride felt versus riding in the snow. There were a couple times where I startled myself with how fast I went! Nervous laughter escaped my lips as I looked ahead, wide-eyed, and thankful I didn't somehow misjudge and wipe out.

The temperature was perfect outside. Not too warm and not too cool. It was my first ride with shorts on and it was amazing! (However, yes, true to my nature of being a bit of a klutz I smacked my shin with my pedal. A couple pedal pin indents and one mild puncture to temporarily decorate my leg.)

I made climbs that I had not been able to successfully make, or rarely made, for several months. I felt athletic and nimble. It was refreshing to be outside in comfortable temperatures, feel the sunshine, and hear the birds.

Here is to the start of my second season of mountain biking!

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