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Take a Bike Ride Along the Scenic Great River Road
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Take a Bike Ride Along the Scenic Great River Road

On a brisk, autumn morning in Guttenberg, the sun rose over the bluffs across the Mississippi River, and cast a shimmering glow over the river and the pavement, which was damp from the rainfall over night. I took a deep breath of the crisp air, and took in the smell of falling leaves and recent rainfall. That day, I decided to take a bike ride on the Great River Road in Clayton County.

I tightened the laces on my shoes, strapped on my helmet, and pushed up the kickstand on my bike, before I set out for the Great River Road to meet my goal for the day: make it to the top of the hill. Autumn was always a beautiful time of year along the Great River Road, because the bluffs were changing colors from summer green to shades of yellow, orange, and red. As I peddled up the road, I noticed a beautiful branch of vibrant red leaves standing out among a bush of goldenrod yellow. The air was fresh, and the river shimmered as I pushed to peddle up the hill. There were a few times I wanted to hop off and walk up the rest of the hill, yet I had set a goal and I was going to meet it.

As my tires rolled over the top of the hill, it felt as though my legs were about to give out, though I had made it. I hopped off the bike and just stood there for a moment, and let the breeze whistle past my ears and to give me the energy to go back down the hill.  Once I rolled back into town, I stopped into the Picket Fence Café to reward myself with a slice of fresh, homemade pie. I figured I deserved it, I set out a goal and accomplished it! I took a big bite of that slice of pie, and immediately I was in heaven. The crust was golden brown and flakey, and gave a gentle crisp to contrast the smooth, sweet fruit filling. It was the proper way to conclude a successful ride on the Great River Road. After my sweet treat, I peddled back home and rolled the bike back into the garage until the next bike ride.

If you’re an avid biker, there’s a wonderful opportunity to win amazing prizes by the Mississippi River Parkway Commission! To enter, just ‘like’ the Great River Road Facebook page and provide basic contact information for a chance to win. One grand prize winner will be selected at random to receive a Great River Road prize package that includes a $250 prepaid credit card, a jacket from the Great River Road store, and a copy of the 10-State Great River Road map. It’s the perfect time to go for a bike ride, and biking along the Mighty Mississippi River is an amazing experience you wouldn’t want to pass up.


Written by Jayna Felder | Photo Credit to the Clayton County Development Group

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