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The Call of the Wild....Meet a Northeast Iowa Call Maker
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The Call of the Wild....Meet a Northeast Iowa Call Maker

In the spring of 1986, Northeast Iowa saw the birth of a call maker,  when a young man fashioned a handmade box call for the purpose of talking the language of the Wild Turkey.  He had never done such a thing as this, but realized with that first call that something special had taken place....

As word of his calls got around, others asked for one of their own, and he began to make and sell them out of his home, then a shop he built in the summer of 1992.  Two years later he expanded that shop and for the next 8 years THE ROOST was a gathering place for turkey hunters to stop and share stories, compare notes and register the birds they had tagged.  HOOT'S TURKEY CALLS became well known not only locally, but found homes all over the U.S.A, even traveling across the ocean to the Aloha state.  Hoot's Calls accounted for a lot of bearded birds across the country, and Hoot became the guy you looked up if you wanted a sweet sounding call to fool the wisest old longbeard. 

For over 30 years Hoot has been making custom calls in the Northeast Iowa town of Waterville.  In the spring of 2002, Hoot moved THE ROOST a short distance north, into his home at 24 East 1st Street, about a stone's throw from the birthplace of that first call.  Ten years later Hoot's Turkey Calls was given a new look and a new name, Critter Creek Calls.  Although the looks and name may have changed,  the quality of the calls remain the same as when the first ones hit the timber so many years ago.  Many an old longbeard has left the woods to forever remain in the memories of the hunters who tagged them, thanks to Hoot and the calls he turns at a time. 

Hoot has been chasing the Wild Turkey for over 30 years, and was a turkey hunting guide for over 10.  He is an avid outdoor photographer and writer,  with several stories and poems telling tales of tails !  If you find yourself in the bluff country village of Waterville, stop in at Critter Creek and check out the calls and trophies that Hoot has collected over the course of his more than 3 decades speaking the language of The Grand Old Bird, with his Calls of the Wild...

Rick " Hoot " Larson lives in Waterville with his wife Colette and dog Scrappy.  Feel free to contact Hoot by e-mail at:

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