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Fearless Women of Dirt: The Off-Road Women's Riding Group of Decorah
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Fearless Women of Dirt: The Off-Road Women's Riding Group of Decorah

After I was introduced to mountain biking in 2014 it really took over in terms of being my favorite activity on two wheels. Being in Decorah we are gifted with truly fantastic mountain bike trails. Yes, they are challenging, but part of the allure and draw to mountain biking for me WAS the challenge!

I quickly found out that mountain biking was a full-body workout that not only challenged me physically, but mentally and emotionally as well.

The next thing I knew I had two of my friends intrigued by the thought of biking on dirt, thus I introduced (re-introduced) my friends to the trails that were filled with mystery and fun!

There are not many women, locally, who mountain bike on our trails- this was something that Travis and I discussed many times. Questions were abundant: Why? Was it the fear of the unexpected? Lack of equipment?  Maybe all of the above and more. The mountain bike trails are an untapped resource for women in our area- I wanted to take on the challenge of figuring out why and see what would potentially work to get women out there, at the very least, give it a chance.

I’m friends with several people online, through interviews I’ve done for my blog: Life on Two Wheels. Some of the women lead women-only/women exclusive mountain bike riding groups that have weekly rides. I thought about it. Working at Decorah Bicycles seemed like the perfect opportunity to blend my passion with Travis’ business. Thus, The FWD Movement was born- FWD means Fearless Women of Dirt. (Join our Facebook group!)

Sunday afternoons at 5 p.m. (weather permitting) will be an off-road ride open to all riders, experienced or new that will leave from Decorah Bicycles. Those needing to rent a mountain bike or fatbike can with a reduced price of $15.00

It’s a casual pace, no-drop ride that believes in “When in doubt, walk it out” and not apologizing if you don’t make a climb or have to get off your bike. We believe in positive attitudes, encouragement, and just having fun!

Those who want a solo-ride or maybe a ride for them and one (or a couple) of their friends can schedule a ride with me during the week on a day/time that works best for them. This is something Travis and I wanted to offer for those who are uncertain of riding with a group. That way any/all who are curious about our trails can experience them in an environment that’s most comfortable for them.

The first Sunday of every month (which will be rescheduled the following Sunday(s) if it’s a rainy day) will be a Co-Ed/Co-Led ride with Travis and myself. Travis will lead the guys and I’ll lead the FWD on a pre-determined route. This is still a casual pace, no-drop ride so riders of all levels are welcome! After the ride we will meet up at a destination of choice for post-ride eats and beverages. Those who need to rent a bike for this ride will also have the $15.00 rate.

We want to encourage the next generation of mountain bike riders and give them a positive experience. We feel that the FWD Movement is a fantastic way to introduce women to off-road riding and the various challenges in a positive way along with having our Co-Ed ride the first Sunday of each month.

Travis and I are very passionate about mountain biking and would love the opportunity to take you out on our trails! It’s been years since Decorah Bicycles has had a group ride, so we are thrilled that an opportunity presented itself! If you have any questions about FWD or the Co-Ed ride, feel free to contact us.

We look forward to riding with you!

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    Imagine Northeast Iowa Support
    Three Northeast Iowa cheers for you fantastic ladies and your adventures! Thanks for posting!

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