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The Recovery Ride and Becoming "Bike Drunk"
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The Recovery Ride and Becoming "Bike Drunk"

That first ride you get to take after you’ve had to rest for about a week, either due to injury or cold? It’s pretty darn amazing. It’s the closest feeling to that teenage “I’m completely invincible to any and all calamities of life!” feeling.

My ride on Saturday was a special treat. I was getting to go on my first trail ride with the co-worker who so desperately convinced me I needed a bike. He worked on me from fall of ’09 until that fateful summer of ’12 when I finally woke up one day with bike fever. He was the moral support and lucky talisman of my bike purchasing journey. Multiple times he said “You won’t buy a bike today.” I subsequently told him to shove it, that I would buy a bike come Hell or high water. Did I buy a bike? You bet I did!

Fast forward to present time:

The weather was simply beautiful, and as luck would have it, the trail was mostly clear of traffic. Apparently it was a busy weekend in Decorah, but people were at events or weddings versus biking on the trail. We did meet a man at least three times on our loop and a half. He was a very fast rider. I whispered “Look! It’s a wacer!” (Yes, I said racer with a w, as I was congested.)

Of course I wasn’t a complete winner on the trail, but I was never far behind. Minus the fact I had to periodically spit like a farm hand, I did pretty darn good. It felt liberating and refreshing to be out in open air, not be sick, and not be in larger amounts of pain. Oh I was smiling like a fool, and I loved it!

My co-worker didn’t have enough time to do a full second loop, so we went separate ways at the Trout Hatchery. He asked me “Are you sure?” Which I later came to find out was his very open-ended, non-specific way of saying “Josie, I think this is a bad idea. You are going to over-do it and strain your muscles, and then I’ll have to say “I told you so.” Did I get that non-verbal hint? Of course not! So off I went to finish the trail a second time, clockwise no less.

Clockwise is my least favorite way to go, and it involves me doing a lot of standing up to climb the hills, which under normal circumstances isn’t bad, but when you have sore rib muscles it is; hence the overdoing it. I stopped to take a couple (crappy) pictures of clouds and have a Gu (an energy gel snack of sorts) and just revel in the beauty of the blue sky, fluffy clouds, and gorgeous temperature.

I continued on my merry way, with a completely bike-drunk look of happiness on my face. (The happy feeling you get from riding a new bike or a bike in general, in which you end up having a grin on your face that goes from ear to ear. You also may have feelings of elation, joy, happiness, and laugh out loud.) Did I over-do it? Yes. Did I get bike-drunk? Yes. Did I enjoy every moment of it? Yes. Was it worth it? Yes!

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