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What if Yoga Married Crowd Sourcing and Had a Baby: It's Happening in Northeast Iowa
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What if Yoga Married Crowd Sourcing and Had a Baby: It's Happening in Northeast Iowa

The Yoga Revolution is Happening Right Here

The Yoga Revolution is building steam in Decorah. There are at least three major houses of yoga including one on main street, another at at the far end of town, and Molly’s 'Yoga Room', where I go. They are all great and no question, they are making our lives better.

If you already do yoga, I don’t need to make the case. Yoga is like preventative physical therapy. You strengthen your body and build flexibility, while calming your brain. If you want to grow old gracefully, I strongly encourage you to give yoga a go.

Extra bonus is the crazy community that spins out from yoga classes. There’s a bunch of fellas in Decorah who go out for beers every Wednesday after yoga. My class likes to mosey down the hill to the Oneota Co-op for coffee and a healthy grazing at the buffet after our savasana (the all popular ‘corpse pose’).

A Ground Swell of Business Startups is Happening Right Here

I’m a constant nudge when it comes to my friends’ business ventures. Good ideas that have brewed for the last months and years are getting ready to manifest. The local Biz Booster competition had about a 1000% increase in applications last fall – of which my new firm, Corbin Group, were one of the plucky winners.

Flash Mobs, neo-vintage photographs, snap-chats. The bold new world of technology solutions is making it possible for more people to be creative, connect with the greater world, and fan the flames of business for startup ventures. Forward thinking businesses are dusting off business plans, revamping their websites, and connecting in new ways through social media.

What is Crowd Sourcing?

Crowd-sourcing is a spin off the age old strategy to set good ideas rolling. After countless hours of dreaming, researching, and number crunching, you share your new business idea with your friends and family, and ask for support. It’s more than a way to raise startup capital, crowd-sourcing is a way to build invaluable intellectual capital, gather market research, and find out what your friends really think.

Witness some of the cool ideas that have recently leveraged local support. Nathan Matter and Benji Nichols crowd-sourced to raise over $12K to refurbish the Courtyard Cellar. I can’t wait to see it, and because I contributed, I get a sneak peak at a private Cellar event. Kyrl Henderson raised funds through crowd-sourcing to make a cool video showcasing the Trout Run Trail. The challenge for the business person is to create a razor sharp vision & business plan that your friends and family want to support.

Yoga and Crowd Sourcing Get Married

Molly’s great idea is ripe and ready, and with the help of our friends, we are scheduled to make our first commercial yoga videos this spring. Our goal is $12,500 by mid April. What will this baby look like after our venture gets started? Stay tuned to find out!

For more information about our yoga campaign click here.  

About Carolyn Corbin: Carolyn lives in Decorah and runs Corbin Group, a new firm providing modern marketing solutions for sustainability focused businesses and communities. 

*Image courtesy Flickr creative commons.

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