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Why You Should Make Dunning Springs a Must-See Destination
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Why You Should Make Dunning Springs a Must-See Destination

I made a trip to Dunning Springs in Decorah this week and I’m so glad that I did. Located right within the city limits, it really offers a snapshot of natural beauty that is difficult to top. As I drove up, I was immediately captivated by the waterfall that spans an impressive 200-feet. The crisp, clear water cascaded down the rocks and provided some great moments for my inner shutterbug. It was wonderful to be able to take so many breathtaking shots from a single vantage point, and then move on to find another great angle. I then ascended the wooden staircase to take a view from the top, and it was truly refreshing to get that close to the magnificent power of the falls.

While Dunning Springs would make a great place to read that latest paperback thriller or maybe a little Emerson, it also offers some rugged trails to really test your hiking prowess. They are basically dirt trails, so make sure to wear the right shoes and pack your supplies accordingly. Whether for a short or long duration, hiking in these woods as you hear the rushing water as a steady companion will allow you to get in touch with that place within that craves to be in the outdoors exploring your surroundings.

A picnic table in the area offers a lovely spot for bringing along that picnic basket and enjoying a sandwich or salad with a view that you can’t get just anywhere. With its proximity to downtown, it might just be the perfect spot to catch a lunch during the weekday to recharge before returning to your workday.

In whatever manner you choose to enjoy Dunning Springs, it seems certain that enjoyment will wash over you just like the falls washing over the rocks. So, take time today to make this highly accessible natural retreat a must-see stop.

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